June 28th, 2012 / 11:43 am
Craft Notes & Excerpts

The company writes a novel per year

The ancient art of the annual report. A book written to ensure investors that their money is safe, that work is being done, profits cleared, America marches forward to the beating of motion of the Invisible Hand of capital. Whether you’re a non-profit, a .EDU, a religious organization, or a major bank, everything is smooth and calm between these pages baby. It’a all less relevant now of course – investors need daily information, not yearly. But there is still something very nice about the idea of an annual report. The plot is always the same, the characters are mild, their decreasing quality of life is the small repetitive tragedy. These are the stories that organizations want to believe about themselves. I believe them.

The curves mean something about adaptive business solutions. Don’t think too much about it dude.

Keep it simple. This is just another career odyssey. You will cheat on your wife and make over 100k.

^ This is how we interact with our stakeholders. With our faces. We let them touch our faces. Our faces.

I don’t know about you but I could go for some crab.

Lisa Frank bitches.

I can’t tell if this is Instagram branding or not but I just bought a model train set online and a box of Oxy from Canada. My AC works and Brooklyn is boring anyways. I’m going to re-enact the commercial shifts in America during the post-civil war period that translated the Southern slave economy into a northern industrial economy (try the last section of this Wikipedia if you want to learn more about this).

See you in the fall HTML Giant.


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