July 24th, 2012 / 11:32 am

select comments on “Zen Garden” and other youtube meditation videos

As the title of the post suggests, here are some comments I found on Zen Garden, Simple Meditation and other youtube  videos I enjoy:

i’m a wolf, my criminal background says it all, fuck sheep. i eat them.

When I went to the warm hole there was no left up down right.

no need for ‘great longing’ when we are already the ocean we just need to remember.

what the fuck are you talking about srsly

thinking of turning my back porch into an “asian bath house” now…paper lanters bamboo curtains…candles lit…whos with me? lol :)

So he’s saying eat my body and live forever.

that buddha looks like my wife…

The Pleiadian star system is in fact our core essence, our ancestral home.

Is it wierd if I wack off to this ?

God is _________fill in the blank!!!!!

2012 marks the beginning of a global Golden Age of Peace and Oneness. Please check my channel for more.

so like crouching tiger hidden dragon sword fight to the death or some memoirs of a geisha type shit…

my true self is stillllll innocent…i think i am not and telll others I am anything but innocent but i realise now that i am in fact a child…

Satan is very happy with you


One and One is One

Do it now.

in the bible it clearly states that the cathokic church and religion is evil

EWWW one of the parts sounds like someone is peeing…..

The question is: Is Jesus okay with this?

Holy shit I tried meditation, focused on my breath … I came

Embrace your natural Darkness…and you will be shown wonders to Behold…

Why not just forgive?

Aliens came clear across the galaxy and people report receiving new age luciferian spiritual messages from them

This made me horny!

May all be happy! (sukhinah) May none suffer from sorrow! (duhkha)

Are you saying god isnt real!

this makes me feel unstable

Did you cry? That’s awesome. Your healing deeply.

I.heard a female scream many times

I am just a simple person looking for answers.

Why is everything new and different Satanic?


Listen up you dumb little fart.. Ive watched more deniro movies so iam fluent wit cussing shit! i will preach and propagate what i believe which is exactly opposite to the hallucination you have..

remember the tunnel is dark and scarry but there is a light at the end

i wanna go toilet…

It’s peculiar that the “spiritual awakening” you mention has the exact same features as the onset of schizophrenia.

What kind of good person would con someone else?

Iam spiritual awakening and geting to my core which is genuine love

I’m glad to be a Buddhism

i tried this with a nug of weed and my body reacted possitvely to it…

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

i made my family watch this it helped none of them

Angels simply want to help anyone in need.

We are supposed to be Energy “Antennas”, our job is to bring Source energy down from the Central Sun

thank you Universe for making me live

i just wanna be a ninja

you’re one dumb cunt aren’t you?

my soul was swaying.

I am sure there is some exorcist somewhere that treats felines

Alpha is great, Theta will launch you, envision the energy wheel rotating counter-clockwise from within

Where is the mole on her chin!

I have all 10 of these sighns, but are you sure they arent puberty?


don’t scroll down. there are a bunch of virgins arguing about religion

Forget your job. Forget your garden. Forget your mortgage. Forget your neighbours. Forget your kids. Forget your dog. Forget your cat.

This is my house how did u get this…

oh peace oh peace oh peace

i felt like a was one with the wind flying through the cold wind across the oceans…haha

That was such an sexual experience….

how do i know when i am awake?

I all of a sudden saw a unicorn & then after a while a being standing infront of my face.

I’m not even Indian, but if that makes your chode explode, then I’ll play your fantasy game with you

Is it normal I feel like crying?

there are some of us…who believe in him…and it really hurts our feelings.

shaanti….not shanthi

One golden egg + One white towel + 45 magnum gun or AK 47 to kill all the followers who are about to disclose his fraud

Youtube videos reveal Buddha and Mohammed are both in hell

you’re a Jew? You can be a Princess and I do believe that you are a Princess becasuse you claim so.

It helps to not try to be in control

Society think weird of the truth.

am i the only one or did you people also started seeing valleys and mountains and trees and the sky

i reached my third eye chakra and got stuck there lol

Of course God is not scientifically provable

i’ve been looking for something like this for a long time.

I want to hear the dubstep remix

Ask yourself: “Where is my next thought coming from?” and enjoy pure vacuousness


it freaks me out when I finally forget about my breathing

this is truly an exciting time to be alive


the awakening is real and its happening right now

I still meditate.

I have found inner peace

haha keep dreaming


  1. deadgod

      who’s happier with this anthology of excellent graffiti jesus or satan

  2. John Minichillo

      I was about to go meditate for reals but now I’m stuck with all these voices.

  3. Trey

      “Satan is very happy with you”

      that is amazing. like I wish I had said that first.

  4. Bobby Dixon

      I am going to jam on some TM w/ the phrase “One white towel” later. 

  5. Bobby Dixon

      shit i’m not supposed to say what i use for TM

  6. shaun gannon

      welcome to my world

  7. mimi

      i love reading youtube comment threads and such but they can be real timesucks