Greedy Words Raping Objects Objectively

Posted by @ 4:30 am on October 4th, 2010

This film was posted on Bright Stupid Confetti back in the day and I saw it again yesterday on the European Cinema16 Shorts, which has films by the likes(es) of Lars Von Trier, Lynne Ramsay, Ridley Scott,


and an epic piece of  bullshit2 by Christopher Nolan, the film nerd allowed to continue with the early impulse ideas all film nerds dream of doing in their dorm rooms smoking pot listening to Dark Side of the Moon on repeat playing video games like dreaming being married to a producer creating meaningless enigmas for other nerds to drool over (I know because I was one of them) finding ‘holes’ in them watching over and over and over again them in the theater(re) making that money.

This film Rabbit make fun of the money. The money funny. There not enough gold ((n))or) silver neither.

Kenneth Koch(Coke)’s play “The Golden Standard” talks (a)bout that.

Th(ese)is film is(are) a(/) video(s).

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