May 5th, 2011 / 7:10 pm

How David Lynch Sells Coffee

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  1. Ken Baumann

      Holy shit! I really enjoyed this. This is my favorite vocal performance of his. lol

  2. shaun gannon

      I held my fists up in midair like i was boxing and had a giant goofy grin for the entirety of watching that

  3. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      I liked it, but props gotta be directed to Sifl and Olly. That was some straight up Sifl and Olly shit.

  4. Frank Hinton

      Lynch owns ‘baby’ every time he uses it.

  5. herocious

      Last night I had a dream with David Lynch in it for part

  6. pabst blue ribbon

      HTMLGIANT signature adderall to soon follow?

  7. Michael

      Sorry, but this should have just been a clip reel of Dale Cooper drinking coffee.