January 29th, 2012 / 1:20 pm


[via Vanessa Place’s facebook]


  1. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      if only andy rooney had built his entire career on saying “picasso, picasso, picasso,” over and over again. will smile for one whole minute, non-stop, the day garrison keillor joins andy rooney in hell. 

  2. Mike Young

      hahaha “is this really better looking than nothing would be?” aka The Cracker’s Revenge

  3. Trey

      garrison keillor is like a boy who’s in love with a girl and he keeps making her mix cds but the mix cds have like nickleback or spin doctors love songs on them. but the girl likes them. and then everyone else is like garrison and the girl’s parents.

  4. M. Kitchell

      we are all already dead

  5. BppOperator

      mickey mouse sculpture. lol

  6. Michael Filippone

      I hadn’t before heard of Tilted Arc, but I find it so awesome in the most literal sense. It is massive. It makes you walk around it.

  7. M. Kitchell

      richard serra is a god, god orders you to correct your lapse in knowledge

  8. Evan Hatch

      kitch ass fuck

  9. Alexander J. Allison

      Serra is also everywhere. You are likely to have access to a Serra sculpture.

  10. Laura Carter
  11. deadgod

      Q:  How far can you go with out-sourcing the painting?

      Hirst:  You’ve always got to believe that you can train anybody.  The difference is between art and craft.  I’ve always been careful to not hire somebody who’s an absolutely brilliant painter, because then you kind of rely on their talent, whereas it’s much better to believe anybody can do this.

  12. postitbreakup

      are y’all angrier because you think those pieces in the video (other than the picassos) are great art or because you reflexively can’t stand when anyone says anything you consider to be art isn’t art…?

      personally i think this is a ridiculous debate on both sides. rooney is as ridiculous to proclaim some sculptures art and others not as whatever experienced art critic is. it doesn’t really matter. but then again i’ve been starting to wonder if all this literary knowledge is just as pointless as sports stats or the kardashians or whatever. everyone picks what they like and derides the rest.

      see also: “you’re a bad driver if you drive slower than me or faster than me” “you’re a slut if you have more sex than i do but a prude if you have less” “alcoholics are people who drink more than i do” etc etc etc

  13. postitbreakup

      “I’m not interested in having my books on an electronic device. I want them in books. I want my words in books.” -Andy Rooney

  14. BppOperator

      not angry at all bro

  15. postitbreakup


  16. Brooks Sterritt

      the only defensible statement in there was “I don’t like it.”

  17. Anonymous

      How he pronounced “PicASSo” while an image of an ass made by Picasso was onscreen

  18. Don

      I agree with him.

  19. Isaac Kaplan

      andy rooney, u mad bro?

  20. Anonymous

      making it alright for everyone who equates art with their refrigerator breaking.

  21. Daniel Bailey

      andy rooney rules

  22. deadgod

      Geez, my kid criticizes art better than this.

  23. bartleby_taco

      THE SON OF DEADGOD??????

  24. bartleby_taco

      (or daughter) *****embarrassing lol*****

  25. mimi

      or baby goat.

      : )

  26. leapsloth14

      An artist should be able to write simple sentences…then he
      goes on.

      He shows development of Picasso (is that a weird
      pronunciation? Not sure.)

      But did he research that same development of the artists he
      rags on?  Not sure.

      But for a “get off my lawn” guy he seems to question himself