March 25th, 2013 / 1:13 pm

Tao Lin Asks Steve Roggenbuck The Most Important Question



  1. deadgod

      did u observe ‘spring breakers,’ if so did u proliferate it, or not proliferate it? nomadic

  2. mimi

      spring breakers residue in my brain

  3. Don

      They shouldn’t talk about the movie though, especially not whether they liked it or not. They should dance in front of the movie theater or maybe make a movie themselves.

  4. A D Jameson

      Ha! Or describe their visits to the theater bathrooms.

      I’m planning to see it tomorrow at Chicago’s River East 21, which has very large bathrooms. I’m also, fittingly, on Spring Break.

  5. HolidayInnExpress

      The question is considered “important,” an assessment made independent of interpretation.

  6. HolidayInnExpress

      And we all know that Chris Higgs never talks about what he likes and dislikes in art. No sirree. Every HTMLG post he writes is really a dance recital.

  7. mimi

      don’t leave to go to the bathroom during the movie – you don’t want to miss one feverdream minute

  8. A D Jameson

      I’m planing to bring an empty bottle tomorrow.

  9. Don


  10. HolidayInnExpress

      Seriously, can this dude be any more obtuse or lacking in self-awareness to not see the implicit contradictions in his posts? Like, literally every one of them. Cue the, “but but but ‘contradicting’ oneself is good and my version of it is intentionally ‘opaque’!” post from Higgs himself or his Hollywood actor-friend sock puppet.

  11. mimi

      empty bottle best plan? hrmmm… Depends

  12. A D Jameson

      I meant that I’m going to the Empty Bottle.

      I actually dreamed last night about that place. I might put the dream in the science-fiction novel I’m writing, even though the dream wasn’t science-fiction.

  13. A D Jameson

      Chris, I will ask you the most important question. Have you seen it? If so, did you have any reaction?

      I was going to go see it this morning but instead I slept in and then worked on the science-fiction/horror novel I’m writing. Now I have to go see a John Cage exhibit at the MCA. But I’m planning to see it tomorrow morning, or Thursday. If you wanna fly out here and see it with me, I’ll pay for your ticket (your movie ticket), as well as whatever snacks you’d like. Me, I tend to get a croissant and iced latte at Fox & Obel (which is pretty much right across the street).

  14. mimi

      that Empty Bottle seems like a much mo better plan than what i think you first meant

      so, when you go to see Spring Breakers just be sure to pee first, right before you go in, then you should be good for the duration

      then write a post to tell us all about your reactions – your thoughts, interpretations, likes, dislikes, dreams, observations, assessments…

      i really really liked the soundtrack

  15. William VanDenBerg

      I mean, right? Come on! Really?! What’s his problem? What’ll… Chris. What?

  16. HolidayInnExpress

      Are you the one disliking my posts because you can’t handle the troof?

  17. deadgod

      Flip a coin: heads, you go in to the Cage show; tails, pass by the front like you’re in middle school and a crush lives there. Any other toss result: curate your own Cage exhibit.

      When you go, take a musical instrument, sheet music, and stand. Don’t play a fucking thing.

      Same constraints for Spring Breakers, adding only that you must express surprise (of some kind) at Franco’s performance.

  18. kjtuyy

      dont diss a.d. he’s alright

  19. A D Jameson

      He he… No, deadgod was giving good advice!

      I went to the Cage exhibit and I took photos. Still haven’t seen Spring Breakers yet, though. Thursday, for certain!