September 25th, 2011 / 12:12 pm
Haut or not & Snippets

A friend of mine wants to know—what’s the hottest litmag in the room right now?


  1. J.

      Also, don’t forget the interviews. Or the Édouard Levé, which was pretty damn interesting…

  2. J.

      Kind of can’t believe nobody’s mentioned NOON or Harper’s here.

  3. J.
  4. Will

      that’s cuz the editors of Noon haven’t told their minions to go reply on this message board…

  5. Daisy Atterbury

      “Brass Sopaipilla” or “Digital Hamper,” by Benny Lichtner at Brown. the first issue published David Ohle, Blake Butler, Rob Walsh and Tim Ramick. Sleeping Fish is also great, as is Fence.

  6. Jubal the Rattie

       Recommend George Saunders story “Home” in New Yorker. Think it’s online for
      free. Maybe from back in June or so. It’s hot.

  7. 343

      The Society On Da Run

  8. Matt Rowan

      I’m gonna be controversial and agree with two of them being Annalemma and Artifice. Those are just great. I think Twelve Stories is worth mentioning. Lots of great stuff there, and an excellent concept for publication. I’d like to say The New Yorker, which seems to be doing better and mixing things up a bit in recent years, but still bores me with the kind of Jonathan Franzen-esque slice-of-suburbia or waspy-new-york-life they often publish. They should be required to publish something by George Saunders or exhibiting his kind of whimsy every other issue. Others that are hot, Metazen, Everyday Genius, Bartleby Snopes, Used Furniture Review.

      Also, the criterion for hot was how much I like something right? And I mean me, Matt Rowan, specifically. I should hope my brand of solipsism is justified somewhere. 

      A rising star is Red Lightbulbs. Keep them in mind, jerks. 

      P.S. – to all who have mentioned Untoward in this thread, you truly are the real heroes. 

  9. Richard Thomas

      Of the previously mentioned, dying to get into Caketrain, The Collagist, Annalemma, Black Clock, Copper Nickel, etc.

      Of the not mentioned (I skimmed, so apologies if I missed these guys) Juked, Hobart, GUD, Bat City Review, Black Warrior Review, Cream City Review, Dark Sky Magazine, The Pinch, Versal, Needle, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Missouri Review, Metazen, Pear Noir!, etc.

      Happy to see that I’m in a couple places mentioned here: PANK (online), Gargoyle, 3:AM, etc.

      GREAT LIST. I’m taking extensive notes.

  10. Jcvandez

      Tin House

  11. Tim Jones-Yelvington
  12. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      It is less that it is hard to be nice to him and more that it is sometimes fun to be mean.

  13. Tadd Adcox

      aw you guys

  14. Tadd Adcox

      um, i’m gonna go ahead and give the shout-out for Red Lightbulbs, duh

  15. Tadd Adcox

      cool! haven’t seen this one, thanks.

  16. Tadd Adcox

      um, duh, yes, definitely

  17. Matt Rowan

      Shut up, Tadd. 

      (Huh, I see what you mean, Tim.) 

  18. Matt Rowan

      Finally, something I can obtain that’s equal to Thor’s hammer. 

  19. Tim Jones-Yelvington


  20. Anonymous

      Yes! If you’re in the Pacific NW, it’s all about Filter.

  21. Alban Fischer
  22. BoomersMustDie

      That article reads a little nuts, friend…

  23. Tsk

      ha, definitely my thought at a lot of ones listed. NOON rules. 

  24. J.

      seems undignified, doing such a thing

  25. BoomersMustDie

      I prefer A Private Space

  26. i don't know guys

      seems “really hard” to consider apathy “hot”

  27. stephen

      the naked-dude-playing-video-games cover is one of the few recent lit mag covers i’ve seen that i’ve liked 

  28. stephen

      i wish they’d publish the current generation’s “hot” writers, though, instead of the previous or so generation

  29. stephen

      idk what i mean exactly, but just not publish nathan englander or whatever.. it’s called electric lit so it’s supposed to have something to do with the electric/read:online generation, right? or no

  30. stephen

      i have never read nathan englander. lol
      sup everybody

  31. Madison Langston

      think you meant ‘really hard’ and ‘hot’ but idk, i’m not sure

  32. BoomersMustDie

      Nathan’s a known-known to reel in the rubes…

  33. mimi

      are you sure your comment wasn’t meant for the chick lit thread?

      or as an addendum to jimmy’s man matrix?

  34. elizabeth ellen

      i miss lamination colony. they was hot.

  35. Sh

  36. Sh

      Also, Nether Magazine? At

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