November 6th, 2011 / 2:47 pm
Craft Notes & I Like __ A Lot

A ham is proud of cocoanut.


Enough cloth is plenty and more, more is almost enough for that and besides if there is no more spreading is there plenty of room for it. Any occasion shows the best way.



A pleasant simple habitual and tyrannical and authorised and educated and resumed and articulate separation. This is not tardy.



Apple plum, carpet steak, seed clam, colored wine, calm seen, cold cream, best shake, potato, potato and no no gold work with pet, a green seen is called bake and change sweet is bready, a little piece a little piece please.
A little piece please. Cane again to the presupposed and ready eucalyptus tree, count out sherry and ripe plates and little corners of a kind of ham. This is use.

[from Tender Buttons by Gertrude Stein]

[from the album More Songs About Buildings and Food]

BLAIN Cloth chewed to frequent raggedness by a boy. Lethal to birds. When blanketed over the house, the sky will be swept of objects.

CARL Name applied to food built from textiles, sticks, and rags. Implements used to aid ingestion are termed, respectively, the lens, the dial, the knob.

CHOKE POWDER Rocks and granules derived from the neck or shoulder of a member. If the mouth harness is tightened, the powder is issued in the saliva and comes to rim the teeth or coat the thong. For each member of a society, there exists a vial of powder. It is the pure form of this member, to be saved first. When the member is collapsing or rescinding, the powder may be retrieved by gripping the member’s neck tightly and driving the knee into its throat.

[from The Age of Wire and String by Ben Marcus]

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  1. lorian long

      this post is like the best trail mix cookie i ever did eat

  2. Brooks Sterritt


  3. Blake Butler

      move a muscle move a muscle move a muscle

  4. Donna, esq.

      There is no pear there.

  5. Ricky

      Did Gertrude Stein misspell ‘coconut’? Cool!

  6. reynard
  7. mimi

      how did you find that?

  8. reynard

      prayed to saint google while chanting ‘if you say something long enough and hard enough, it will become true’

  9. Brooks Sterritt

      “you’re not crazy, just creative!”

  10. Brooks Sterritt

      also yes: “every manifestation is simply a mist riding on but one strata of a far more complex universe”

  11. mimi

      lol – i saw that

  12. deadgod

      According to quantum theory, “one strata” is zero stratums, four yums are too ya, and the object that looses its meaning is one endowment staring at you.

  13. NLY

      But you can rest easy knowing your atoms are made of quirks. Everything on some level is just Woody Allen mugging for the camera.

  14. deadgod

      I rest easier knowing that I’ve never spent a virtual instant on the level where “[e]verything […] is just Woody Allen mugging for the camera.”

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      Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  16. Brooks Sterritt

      p.s. “looses?”

  17. mimi

      i got up in the middle of the night and loosened my meaning – i slept much better after that

  18. NLY
  19. deadgod

      ha ha ha are you fisting that milkshake at me mac

  20. deadgod

      Make it sinew!