February 6th, 2012 / 3:08 pm
Massive People

A Lesson on Not Apologizing

Ever written something salacious and regretted it? Well, you shouldn’t. I shouldn’t. Take pride, bitches. Badass Die Antwoord released this video for “Fok Julle Naaiers,” which uses the word “faggot” generously:

And then, in response to whatever criticism may or may not have come, they said this:

I’m never apologizing again: sorry.



  1. deadgod

      context vs. commitment

      winner:  absolute opposition to absolute dichotomies

  2. Stephen Tully Dierks

      Die Antwoord is very sweet

  3. Evan Hatch

      I fucking love this. Somehow DJ Hi-tek’s verse at the end evokes more raw intensity than I had though possible for such a group, and maybe music in general.

  4. postitbreakup

      salacious =/= heterosexist, racist, etc…

      nobody should apologize for salaciousness but if you think you shouldn’t apologize for using slurs pointlessly then i strongly disagree

      i don’t understand why being gay is supposed to give someone license to use that word the way it was in the music video. even the guy’s justification of it, “make the word ‘faggot’ his bitch” has sexism in it.

      i’m gay and i don’t like the word and don’t see the point of this

  5. lily hoang

      Absolutely don’t want to offend you – Postitbreakup – or anyone else. I spend a lot of time apologizing, and I like it that they don’t, even if some of their logic is problematic. 

  6. emmab

      Feel like you could have found better examples of this.

  7. postitbreakup

      it’s ok, it’s more a general gripe i have than with you personally, i get what you’re saying. and i’m sure i’m a hypocrite about it since i bristle at “faggot” but often ignore “bitch” unless i’m on guard & in gender studies mode. politics of language are tricky

  8. alex crowley

      die antwoord should apologize to everyone for how terrible that song is and also for the silly hardman attitude. penis dolls are pretty funny, though. penis dolls.

  9. Trey

      opinions are like ogres: they’re both like onions.

  10. postitbreakup

      do you have a twitter i can follow

  11. mimi

      duelingdollpenises vs. mouthbutterfly  

      winner: mouthbutterfly

  12. deadgod

      ha ha

      win vs. win

  13. deadgod

      Yes, tricky:  faggot is definitely often a mean word.  Nigger, cuntBitch used to be (still is, to some); asshole is a fighting word, face to face, from anyone other than a friend.  –but REtard? that seems okay . . .

  14. Trey

      if I could think of things that I think are as funny as that last comment (which I think is funny) more often I would have a twitter, but for now I do not

  15. Brooks Sterritt

      that dude from die antwoord is a crab-ass rapper

  16. Nich Eggert

      thee awhnsuh 

  17. postitbreakup

      it is interesting that dumb & stupid used to be offensive terms but now are commonplace, i wonder if retarded will go the same way

  18. postitbreakup

      ok well i have an htmlgiant crush on you altho this is not rare so don’t feel too special

  19. postitbreakup

      you kids & your slang… is “crab-ass” positive or negative?

  20. Brooks Sterritt

      that dude from the antwoord is appropriating hip hop cultural norms and is a bad rapper and overhyped UGH

  21. postitbreakup

      who knew crustacean+buttocks could say so much

  22. Brooks Sterritt

      crustacean+buttocks can speak volumes but i should not even be commenting right now

  23. thaleslira
  24. Helen

      Well, didn’t dumb and stupid both used to be medical terms for intelligence levels? Once that was forgotten, they sort of slipped free of their potential to really offend. I think it will happen with retarded eventually. I don’t know if we’ll ever see that with the other terms mentioned, since circumstances are different with those. Social offensiveness rather than terminological.

  25. Matthew Simmons

      Not sure if this is useful to the conversation or not, but I’ll throw it out there. DJ Hi-Tek’s “verse” here is taken from an infamous Mike Tyson meltdown:


  26. Stephen Tully Dierks

      sweet reappropriation

  27. alex crowley

      they have multiple, peelable layers? they smell a bit? they’re both vegetables? it’s nearly impossible to cook without them? they make you cry? (I don’t get the joke)

  28. marshall mallicoat

      hes bad on purpose rite

      isnt that wat die antwoord is about

  29. deadgod

      they’re all three like opals, orang-utans, and oligarchs

      (but I much prefer your “layers” and “make you cry” to my set; clearly, you’re behaving like an onion-bearing ogre with an opinion)

  30. Trey

      hi alex. it’s a reference to Shrek, but the answer is indeed that they have layers. although opinions don’t usually have layers I guess. It was sort of a cross between the Shrek line “ogres are like onions” and that (other) bad joke “opinions are like assholes”.

  31. Timothy Berge

      Doesn’t it seem at least kind of culturally insensitive to suggest that because these words are offensive in one country and less so in another the offended country should ‘lighten up’ or ‘learn from’ the less offended country?

  32. mimi

      thank you

  33. mimi

      first thought upon watching this vid: i need subtitles  

      second thought: find the lyrics on youtube (i did)  

      next thought: the lyrics are stoopid, only decent line is ‘Fan myself with a milli’  

      next: a music video is a combination of sound & visuals, lyrics not necessarily discernible, i like the visuals (tattoo bootcamp buggerie vs. snuggie hoodie lepidopterie winner: snuggie hoodie leppie) (loved the giant blunt too) but the ‘songsound’ sucks  

      next: i like this vid much better, a kinder, gentler lyric, same quirkie visuals, good sound, frenetic joy, great dancing, & squirmy humor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Uee_mcxvrw  

      final thought: apologizing vs. not apologizing   

      winner: apologizing is optional, if you feel like apologizing, apologize, if you don’t, don’t  

  34. alex crowley

      ah, I see, multiple steps

      opinions::assholes::wayne rooney::shrek::ogre::onion

      or, alternately, o[3.141592685]nions

      (kinda bored.)

  35. Anonymous
  36. Anonymous
  37. Anonymous

       DJ Hi-Tek is fictional, Ninja makes the beats and gets different people to play Hi-Tek every time they do an interview or something.

  38. Anonymous

      kinda reframes the whole conversation, doesn’t it? and then that he doesn’t mention the source in the [non-]apology video?