January 28th, 2014 / 1:45 pm
Massive People & Snippets
boy in sailor suit

how great it is to be alive


are you a “boy writer” ??

one of those who “remind us of how great it is to be alive…”

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  1. Jeremy Hopkins

      “However, as someone who aspires to fit into Auster’s definition of “boy writer,” I’m wondering if he might extend his coinage to include “girl writers” as well. Who are they among women, the creative sparks, the gleeful, the ones who make you want to read?” — Anne Margaret Daniel
      Could we split the difference and call them all “tomboy” writers, thereby pleasing everybody? That way boys would be girls, and girls would want to be boys; they’d all want to be boys [points for boys] but they’d all really be girls [points for girls].

  2. bartleby_taco

      being a boy is embarrassing

      being a boy is like wanting to impress adults with little bow ties but actually being a sweaty rodent scratching pieces of wood

  3. Rauan Klassnik

      sweat rodents don’t get a fair shake

  4. Richard Grayson

      Sounds dopey.

  5. Bobby Dixon

      i wore a bowtie in high school

  6. Rauan Klassnik

      my closet contains nothing but bowties

  7. deadgod

      Dickinson communicates “how great it is to invent things and make things up” as joyfully as anyone, and she doesn’t seem to me to be a tomboy.

  8. deadgod

      it’s pretty cool tho that chick writers don’t remind us of how great it is to be alive

      where else would we get sugar and spice… and everything nice!

  9. deadgod

      He seems to have been trying to unspool a thread about joy in making things, about a sense of conflict between joy and discipline–maybe how, concretized, they imply each other even as they seem in conflict. But gendering his idea, even if it was a teasing troll, seems a dingbat move. …an experimental, innovative, boyish dingbat move, sure.

  10. Rauan Klassnik
  11. Jeremy Hopkins

      I’m not very familiar with—[her, his, its?]—that poet’s work.

  12. deadgod

      Well, it’s a ‘she’, so: safely ignored.

  13. Jeremy Hopkins

      I was like “If he means the girl Dickinson, I can pretend to not even know her sex; and if he doesn’t, then I actually don’t know.” It’s fun, not knowing whether or not you yourself are kidding.

  14. Jeremy Hopkins

      Of course, I was assuming you are male.
      Forgive me.