October 17th, 2013 / 9:38 pm
Massive People

The Poet Laureate of Alt-Lit Releases His Ars Poetica



  1. Janey Smith

      this asshole is my stepdad

  2. deadgod

      ghost capillary
      feeds moon to finger branching —
      stalagmite on Boo St.

  3. Janey Smith

      boo street = cute street

  4. Greg B

      Thx Steve

  5. Laura A. Warman


  6. xtx

      i love steve’s unending passion and enthusiasm. i want a bottle of it. xoxox

  7. traynor

      Whatever the world might need, it’s probably not more tweets between poets informing one another how to open their eyes to the beauty around them.

      That said, I generally like Steve.

  8. steveroggenbuck

      thank u son

  9. steveroggenbuck


  10. steveroggenbuck

      :) booost