October 28th, 2010 / 12:47 pm


  1. Osmon Steele

      I support this hate

  2. jereme_dean


  3. Osmon Steele

      I support this hate

  4. Peter Jurmu

      IV. The Place
      Isn’t set up for this kind of thing; has a bartender who despises writers, overheard complaints about “bitch pours” make him surly; wants you out by eight so paying customers can dance.

  5. SCS

      Why do the readers need to leave when they are not reading? They can’t stand the heat, or they can give a shit unless they are being “the star?” Why can’t I laugh at inappropriate things in a reading? Why do people look at one another like they are in a gym? Why is it not okay to look like you are enjoying/not enjoying yourself? Can you walk up to a writer you like if you don’t know them? Are you looked at as a freak if you only know someone from their blog? DON’T BUST OUT YOUR TATTERED NOTEBOOK DURING A READING, unless you are reading.

  6. Chet

      Don’t bust out your tattered notebook during a reading [period] If you want to play swords, whip out your wiener.

  7. Sean

      Envies not envys

      I went to a CNF reading and the woman read this long essay about how stupid everyone (but her, naturally) was. Everyone at her work was an idiot, everyone at certain restaurant, etc. And this nonfiction. It never dawned her that she was walking around an entire life and SHE was the only normal person. Wow.

      So that was like an un-sympathetic narrator.

      Or something.


  8. Eric Beeny


  9. mark leidner

      that guy is a little too fat to be wearing all white and that girls elbow lookin sharp as fuck

  10. ana c.