Call for Submissions

Posted by @ 8:01 am on April 9th, 2012

This is a call for submissions for the -1st issue of decent-er(r)ed.


In the navel-sized carnival that quickens, decent-er(r)ed is the new wax inside the old cranium that accumulates to overturn the sanctimonious kayak of mainstream narrative hegemony.

Things we like: “third sex” locutions, exo-digital cognitive maps, postcolonial rape fantasies, artificial artificialities, hier/anarchy, piss-fictions, writing opposed to argument that wraps its rhizomes around Aristotelian unity, and lines of anal fight or flight.

Things we don’t like or want: phallocentric neologisms; bourgeois “living-room” fantasies; literary fiction of any sort; genre fiction of any sort; stories featuring characters in outdated “room-settings” using “word-dialogues” set down “between quotes”; nature and the depiction of it; the proper (statist) uses of punctuation; the “lyric I,” the “lyric we,” the “lyric he,” the “lyric she,” the “lyric it,” the “lyric they”; and any writing that uses typography.

Please think about what reading an issue would be like before submitting!

For crystalline writing that plays with itself in public, please queery [sic] our genderless sister organ langomaliaproxypoesis, which specializes in trans\gressive, innovative, non-categorical assaults on the hegemonic institutions of bio-sex.

For writing that de-writes un-writing, please consider our comrade lit-antenna, Bad Fish Loopy Glue, AKA the journal that plays with journals that play with journals, and as such keeps its keen Cyclopean eye out for ultra-non-creative works that plagiarize other plagiarisms, being a haven for all unintentional non-writers who marshal fragments of ruined found texts in order to inject termites into the very found+ations of culture and thereby consume from within the Great Satan’s chateau of Official State Poetic Verse Culture.

For writing that’s aware of itself in a sentient sense, as well as completely indeterminate prose that devastates all known reality, please consider buryall, a time-cyanide-capsule being built by our good friend Jules in Arizona.

For incommunicative prose maneuvers that disquiet, please contact , a brand-new totally-new adventure in the new L≈A≈N≈G≈U≈A≈G≈E and S≈A≈U≈S≈A≈G≈E poetries.

Thus, to reiterate, we at decent-er(r)ed are asking for innovative writing comprised of innovative letters to destabilize the reality of sense-making-words-in-a-series-organization; we will also gladly consider paraGRAPH play; “bourhemian” (bohemian/bourgeois) hybrid-mutations; tent-inhabiting boundary crossings that castrate the infantile patriarchy (AKA, “the new-madic suicidal-realism”); and “anything” “in” “inverted” “commas.”

Our true first (0st) issue features writing by Tao Lin, Tan Lin, Linh Dinh, and Lyn Hejinian; we hid it on the middle school playground nearest you.

We pay 25 cents Canadian for every Canadian word.

Submit online now using our Submishmash, Submishmashsquish, Submishmashsquishsquash, or Submishmashsquishsquashsasquatch services.