March 3rd, 2013 / 11:20 am
Craft Notes & Mean

How To Be A Critic (pt. 4)

Resist making value judgments.

(Parts 1 & 2 & 3.)

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  1. JosephYoung

      anybody else not have a scroll bar anymore?

      oh wait, found it.

  2. mimi

      mine was really slow to appear

  3. HolidayInnExpress

      Someone just got owned.

  4. Meek

      passive-agressive much?

  5. A D Jameson

      Not at all. Entirely aggressive.

      In any case, these are just companion texts. I’m expanding on Chris’s original posts. You know, participating.

  6. Bobby Dixon

      is cyber bullying like criticism?

  7. Meek

      Reader-Response Trolling

  8. A D Jameson

      No, satirical academic criticism is more akin to Islamofascist terrorism. I’m the Ayman al-Zawahiri of Alt Lit.

  9. Jeremy Hopkins

      ‘I Slam, O Fascist!’
      a Poem in Three-and-a-Half Cantos
      by Percy Bysshe Shelley

  10. shaun gannon

      youre just jealous its still listed as the top popular post on the sidebar! haw haw

  11. A D Jameson

      Ooh, you got me! Ooh!

      Nah, I think it’s great that post’s been so popular! I’m not one to begrudge anyone their success. But I am curious to hear how its author reconciles the numerous judgments he makes there with his more recent admonitions not to judge. … Chris?

  12. A D Jameson

      Also, it’s funny that someone made a new account just to post this. Anonymous much?

  13. Meek

      My, how very committed!

      It’s not anonymous, nor “just” to post what was posted (by which you mean merely); I’m chiming in as one might a discussion board.

      I apologize if you mis-interpreted my original post; perhaps I read myself in it.

      Prosit posting, comrade!

  14. A D Jameson

      Meek, you will inherit the blogosphere.

  15. A D Jameson

      And my own apologies if I misinterpreted you. What nasty thing, interpretation! Better to assume that everyone is really just saying, “I love you,” over and over again in a hundred of different ways.