NEWS ALERT: new fairy tale anthology “glamorizes” cannibalism

Posted by @ 4:47 pm on November 21st, 2010

Whatever you do, do NOT buy this book.

[NOTE: The reviewer has just taken down his/her review from Amazon. Mysteriously. Luckily, you can still read the full text below in all its ignorant splendour! (Monday, Nov. 22, 12:25pm)]

Because as one astute Amazon reviewer said:

This book is advertised on […] – a tax funded organization sponsored by NPR. They generally have classical music, literary works on their site and on the radio which I love. However, promoting this book on a government sponsored organization is very disturbing to me…let alone the title of this book!

Yes, the title caught my attention with it’s “shock value” and granted, the book is based on traditional fairy tales from the Grimm brothers and others. (Yes, I saw this book at a brick-and-mortar book store, read 2 stories from it and decided not to buy it.)

However, this book is not “Artistic” as compared to other literary works by masters such as Shakespeare, Henry Miller, D.H. Lawrence, Mark Twain, etc. It is just a modernized, regurgitated form of the old fairy tales generally read to very young children at schools and at bedtime. How innovating is that?

In addition, it may be entertaining to some people but this book is NOT “artistically” tasteful as it “Glamorizes” Cannibalism. And yes, I realize that the same topic can be found in old fairy tales…but whoever thought fairy tales were considered “artistic”…ever?! Would I read this to my child at bedtime? Absolutely NOT – I wouldn’t want to wish my child nightmares! It’s certainly NOT Aesop’s Fables! Purely malign and sadistic is what this book is!

Bottomline: It is obviously NOT on’s Bestseller’s List nor on The New York Times, Bestseller’s List! There must be something to be said about the popularity or quality of this book and why it is NOT on those lists! If it’s so GREAT, then most people would put their money where their mouths are and buy this book. But according to the lists, I guess most people (including me,) do not believe in spending their hard-earned money on it.

Such sound logic! So whatever you do, don’t buy this anthology. Obviously, only books on bestseller books are good, worthwhile books to read, books with morals.

Also: check out the comments. They are glorious.

Also: Be honest, who here wouldn’t want to read an anthology that glamorizes cannibalism? Her major critique is my selling point.

But: I’m in it, so maybe I’m biased. (Except the anthology is actually very amazing.)

And: please excuse the self-promotion, but this review was too delicious to ignore.

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