October 29th, 2010 / 7:34 pm

Obituary: n+1

Shit, guys. Apparently n+1 died this week, too. They wrote that thing about learning and college or whatever, right?

(Frankly, those guys were kind of douchey and we’d forgotten to check in on them. Dropped the ball. Yeah, so.)

I don’t know. Maybe send a card to Ben Kunkel’s step-uncle.


I know I’m supposed to find out when they first published and all that, but seriously. Who gives a shit.

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  1. Anonymous

      fuck yes matthew simmons finally flashes his gunt!

  2. jereme_dean

      fuck yes matthew simmons finally flashes his gunt!

  3. Matthew Simmons

      Oh, great! Another word I have to go look up! Thanks a lot, Jereme.

  4. aaron b

      for reals. this is my fave simmons post, and my fave obit, too.

  5. or here

      Where is the obituary for The Pedestal Magazine? They just hit me up for money so they could continue to send out spam about every on-line venue John Amen gets a line of poetry published.

  6. Max Fenton

      Um? They have an issue release on Nov. 12— sure they’re dead?

  7. jereme_dean


  8. Matthew Simmons

      Totally “liked” that.

  9. deadgod

      In memoriam: ‘d’ in “an[d]”.

  10. Matthew Simmons

      Quiet you!

  11. deadgod

      You fixed it?! If weak were squeak, you’re a duck’s rectal thermometer.

  12. phonebound matthew

      Goin quackers.

  13. TruthTeller

      n + 1 = elitist rich kids

  14. Fake

      n+1 people are friendly and generally pleasant to be around

  15. Also Fake

      so are retarded children

  16. TruthTeller

      n + 1 = elitist rich kids

  17. Vladmir

      fuck the pedestal. seriously.