October 25th, 2010 / 3:51 pm
Craft Notes & Mean


  1. gavin

      I just endorsed this idea in my CW class. They’re now all by the lake snorting blotter and smoking booze.

  2. Jordan

      Everybody’s blowing their mean wad at once.

  3. Sean

      Thanks, dad.

  4. jmbg

      Someone once tweeted “if you use marijuana then you are not a real writer”. It really offended me and I think it did so because it’s true. Off to go smoke a blunt and shoot coke off a hooker’s ass now.

  5. P. H. Madore

      Weed just kills your motivation.

  6. mjm

      I think blanket statements about marijuana are highly overrated. One must always take into account how these drugs tailor to an individuals specific body chemistry. Marijuana is the most natural delivery system out of all of these, save for mushrooms, which I’ve never tried nor will. I’m not sure I can look at my work and say, “Because I wrote that poem while high, it is a bad poem.” Or: “Because I smoke weed period, I must lack of some sort of truth other writers have. I must be a lesser writer because of it.” Seriously? Blow me in the best way.

  7. sp

      Pynchon certainly had motivation, though perhaps not coherence?

  8. P. H. Madore

      I should have just said “my motivation.” I can’t write for long periods when I am stoned. I wrote a story I really still love when I was high one time, and maybe a few others. That one was called Airplanes or something. What the hell was that story called? It was in alice blue review. It was 2006. I was living in Athens. Fuck. Something. I should remember these things. But this is a drawback of abusing your mind. Sobriety isn’t bad. It’s just that I’m only really good at being sober when I have someone or a few someones (women, I’m saying) to prove it to, so right now I’m doing okay.

  9. Mykle

      What’s that drug on the center right? It looks like dried mango … or is that leaf of the Booze Tree?

  10. Ughmail

      That someone was a dick head, obviously

  11. deadgod

      the smoker you drink, the player you get

  12. Right

      I’m your dad, bitch.

  13. lorian long

      i thought it was a bbq potato chip

  14. christopher.

      Seriously though. Is there a rule that every writing program has to have at least one douche who takes him/herself seriously when they say they can’t write anything good unless they’re drunk/high/&c.?

  15. Anonymous

      Drugs are cool, fun and beneficial to writing. Think about the Beats

  16. deadgod

      [the opposite of QED]

  17. Trey