Posted by @ 3:01 pm on January 19th, 2013


Pyramids. The only desirable tombs. Monoliths, obelisks, this ancient geometry of form. The way energy floats, fuck the new age bullshit sometimes you cannot deny that this is reality. The scent of immortality. Endless lust buried in this cold earth. Aesthetics as holy gods. No competition, only artifice. Beautiful, beautiful artifice. Something to look forward to. Something accountable. My own private structural system. Cold night howls. The expulsive glossolalia’d voice; I AM GOD.1

It’s time we cut out the bullshit. It’s time we start making something that either lifts us into the air. Accelerate through fiction and into a new reality. Nothing is perfect but it can always be new.

1#45, excerpted from Errors; or Dreams I’ve Never Had