August 7th, 2009 / 3:39 pm
Power Quote

Power Quote: De La Soul


POS: Living in everyday is something
Something everyday like this is our livin’

DOVE: Giving something sheer for the crowd is our major
Major to the crowd is to hear what we’re givin’

POS: No time to rest we got work in the studio
Studio suppliers rest at no time

DOVE: Showtime is enough when the Soul is performing
Performing is the Soul y’all, and it’s showtime

POS: Coping with dates in clubs, can’t even lounge,
Lounge with the homeboys how we are copin’

DOVE: Scoping new material for Paul to plug high-pitched,
High-pitched what Paul plugs in and still scopin’

POS: Bearer of peaceful views to express peace,
Peaceful expressions why we are bearers

—This Is a Recording for Living in a Full time Era

Oh, come on now. Not even De La writes like this anymore.


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