November 3rd, 2011 / 10:26 am
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Belladonna* Chaplet Sale

Fundraiser sale = 3 chaplets for $10.

With tons of good-sounding ones, including:

Amina Cain: Hunger
Danielle Dutton: from A World Called the Blazing World
Carmen Giménez Smith: Can We Talk Here
Bhanu Kapil: (a poem-essay, or precursor: NOTES: for a novel: Ban en Banlieues)
Vanessa Place: Untitled #5
Nada Gordon: SOng of My OWnself
Leslie Scalapino: ‘Can’t is ‘Night’
and many more!!!

Sale ends Nov. 15th, so get them while you can.

Also check out their Annual Benefit Performance and Live Auction on December 13th in NYC. Advanced tickets are on sale now.

One Comment

  1. Krystal Languell

      The benefit is going to be amazing. Anne Waldman, free beer, a live auction, etc.