May 11th, 2011 / 10:16 am



the angel in the dream of our hangover

aphorisms, by mark leidner

now shipping


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  1. DJ Berndt

      Oh my holy gods in heavens! The surprise is SO worth it. Ordered.

  2. Michael Goroff

      Fuck yes. I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  3. J. A. Tyler

      I clicked the link but only see Mooney…?

  4. M. Kitchell


  5. deadgod

      Same here: I tried the three links on the blogicle and the links at Sator’s site a couple of times, and only got information about the Mooney book (and about Baumann and the site). Maybe there’s a click zone at the Sator site I wasn’t resourceful enough to spot? – or the absence of the ‘promised’ aphorisms is the angel in the dream of our hangover?

  6. Nick Francis

      I am a part of this group

  7. Nick Francis

      I am a part of this group

  8. Ken Baumann

      Fixed, fixed & fixed. Apparently HTMLGiant’s ‘schedule to post’ runs central time.

  9. dole


  10. dole


  11. Jack Boettcher

      “Abandoning building a castle to dig out a beautiful moat around nothing” – tweet, Mark Leidner, April 21 2011.

  12. Amy McDaniel

      no doubt this news is the angel in the waking dream of my hangover

  13. shaun gannon


  14. Jon Cone

      I have got to get his.

  15. Jon Cone

      I have got to get this book, is what I intended.

  16. Blake Butler

      illuminati shittt

  17. Daniel Bailey

      fuck yes

  18. Carolyn DeCarlo


  19. Ben Roylance

      I do want to get this.

  20. Jensen Beach

      Good news. Congrats, Mark! And Ken!

  21. Ryan Ridge

      Ordered. Can’t wait to take delivery on this one!

  22. Ken Baumann

      Thank you, everyone!

  23. Jon Cone

      What Ryan said!

  24. ben spivey

      Ordered because of the gravity.