September 21st, 2011 / 7:00 pm
Presses & Random


  1. The Broken Plate is open for submissions until the end of October. This magazine is run by undergraduate students in a literary practicum class at BSU. I can personally vouch the end product as a glow print artifact for holding your words. Think of it this way: service. These are students learning to edit. You could help them along their way. Do send.
  2. Stoked Press would be, uh, stoked if you would submit. Tyler Gobble likes to wear sleeveless shirts in the spring and you wouldn’t want to bring children to a Layne Ransom reading, if that helps you get mouth-feel for the pub. Submit like a vertebrae.
  3. The International Algae Competition in Algae Landscape Design is only open until Oct 11! Get growing, I advise. I bet some of you knowledge base hydroponics.

  1. Hobart needs more stuff about luck. Think of this way: If they accept you, you kick dino-ass. If they blar your work, no worries. It was just bad luck. Here is a pretty epic “wish-list” and I wish more editors would do this, announce what they are thinking, on a rolling level, week to week–I feel it germinates a writer. This list has made me write. I see a future where editors throw out sparks like such as this. Glow.
  2. Can someone confirm or deny that Brautigan left a suicide note saying “Messy, isn’t it”? It smacks of mean, lazy urban legend and sort of pisses me off.
  3. Creative Nonfiction would like your “True Crime” stories. All of my favorites are Morrissey songs. No, no, here’s my favorite: I’m a Memphis teenager.  I shoplift Pac-man cards. I walk outside the mall and 5 kids surround me, threaten to go exponential on my spleen, rob me, of my stolen cards. Irony? I hate that dumb word. This: welcome to Memphis.
  4. John Dermot Woods–drawings or words or source material–is bad-ass right here, right now. Just saying.
  5. Betty has collected 11,020 labels from bananas. In a hundred years, we will know Betty. Us? Never. It makes you wonder.
  6. Airplane Reading is surprisingly OK, these little flashes about flying on airplanes. They want you. Fly.
  7. Go right ahead, friend. The entry fee is one dollar, sixty cents.

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  1. Anonymous
  2. Kristen Iskandrian

      john woods is on fire right now

  3. Trey

      sean are you running that marathon?

  4. nanlan
  5. alex crowley

      I don’t know about Brautigan, but when Dead (of Mayhem) killed himself his suicide note apparently ended with “Excuse all the blood.”

  6. Leapsloth14

      Hell. No.

  7. lily hoang

      $20 reading fee for a journal? i actually have true crime stuff. i’m hesitant to pay $20 for book contest, so no way I’d spend it just to submit to a journal. sheesh, they must pay big money for every submission they print.

  8. Marc

      I think it’s $20 for the CNF contest with a $1000 prize for the winner, if I read it right. They seem to have a lot of submission sub guidelines.

  9. jtc

      FAQ on the marathon page:

      What are my odds of getting in?
      The entry list and ordered weight list gives preference to those who have a good chance of finishing the race. Nobody has a good chance of finishing the race. One spot is allocated for a sacrificial virgin. That is probably your best hope.


  10. Leapsloth14

      Do you get a subscription? I don’t mind reading fees if I get a subscription and I love the magazine. Usually, if I am entering a contest, I do love the magazine. But with CNF, it might be fucked up. I think I remember they are sort of.

  11. lily hoang

      $20 because it’s a theme. for $25 you get a subscription. unless i read it wrong, which is possible. i read it at 7am, mountain time, which for the rest of the world is 9. maybe i wasn’t awake yet.