Posted by @ 5:28 pm on December 29th, 2010

For beautiful, high-quality design that’s built to last but doesn’t overshadow the content, in fact is some of the best, most exciting content being published with beautiful, high quality design that’s built to last, check out Supermachine and give them money.

Probably you already know this journal, now in its third issue (coming soon) with poems by a catalog of my favorite writers: Mike Young, Rachel Glaser, Mark Leidner, Heather Christle, Amanda Nadelberg, CAConrad, (DAMN the list goes on) Svalina, Salamun, Sasha F . . . you know Supermachine as they did it 2009, 2010 — but what about Supermachine 3000?

What happens when you inject $3,000 into the budget of A Thing That’s Been So Amazing Already? Probably some pretty awesome folded paper, bro.

But forget $3K. Ben Fama and co. started a shitty fuckin Kickstarter campaign and want to raise $3K, but who cares about $3K. Can we make it $30,000? Thirty-thousand dollars? Look at this list of NEA grants for literary journals and presses. It would be cool if we could be as powerful as that for a thing as worthwhile as Supermachine.

Let’s go big time for the friends. Don’t just “donate” money even though it’s a REALLY GOOD DEAL — for $30 you get a subscription and two chapbooks (which, lemme just say, are fashioned from beautiful, high-quality design that’s built to last) — you might also help out by spreading the word. I know it’s hard to evangelize if you haven’t yourself looked at the journal, but just make something up. And don’t take my word for it, look at their website, check out their cool flyers.

Some people like breast cancer and some people like the Understanding Campaign but as for me and my house, we will serve Supermachine.