December 16th, 2013 / 4:39 pm

a very short parable

photoI just got a puppy. It thinks it’s a grown dog but it isn’t. It thinks it is much bigger than it is. Such is the lesson I have learned.


  1. Quincy Rhoads

      Is it a full-blooded pug? That’s what it looks like. I have a pug. They’re the best kind of dogs.

  2. lily hoang

      It’s a pughuahua or chug. It’s an xmas gift for my parents.

  3. Quincy Rhoads

      We gave my in-laws a puggle. The pug blood makes them great companion dogs.

  4. Mark Flanagan

      Is the puppy’s name Parataxis?

  5. A D Jameson

      Lily, that pup is adorable—not to mention indeed very short! Are you considering naming it “Parable”? (I love you.)

  6. Shannon

      Your puppy is so cute and look at that little alien head.

  7. lily hoang

      That’d be next level. I’ve been thinking of naming her Penelope. Penny, for short, destinying her to a life of toil while she waits for me to war and return – insert some metaphor for the academic life here – but she will be faithful to me. I can’t even give a proper xmas present without ruining everything.

  8. lily hoang

      adam: internet boyfriend: hi.

  9. A D Jameson
  10. A D Jameson

      If you named her Parataxis, you’d need to get another one, so you could sit them side by side. (Either one on either side.)

  11. Bigplatts

      I love eyes so much.

  12. deadgod

      If she were bad, still, she’d come back to you. When you went to the bathroom, there she’d be. Every time you put her off for later, later, there she’d be. As often as you asked somebody for their idea, she’d be security for the loan. When something suddenly occurred to you, trickle boom! When you committed to something, you wouldn’t be trifling.

      When you cleaned her, she’d shine.

      Even when she pissed and shat and yapped and chewed, she’d be otherhow celestial.

  13. mimi

      perfection description of the loyal girldog – the thought of the one i lost, to age and ill health, a little over a year ago – november 30, 2012 – can still bring a tear…

      deaders, you’ve made mimi cry

  14. Matthew Simmons

      “Whatcha doin’ over there on the internet?”

      “Upvoting the absolute Hell out of a Red Crayola video comment.”

  15. yhu