October 15th, 2014 / 5:02 pm

why was the ‘mean monday/justin taylor’ post taken down

EDIT: no but for real, i’m not trying to be cute/passive aggressive/faux confrontational like people in the comments, i really want to know.


  1. Erik Stinson

      to be fair to JT, it wasn’t the sexiest or best written lil post thang

      it also contained photos of random people, i’m guessing w/o their permission

  2. deadgod


  3. deadgod

      Happy birthday, Friedrich. Deadgodenfreude!

  4. columbusmatt

      because it was shit and insulting toward another human being written by a shit insulter?

  5. davidmmmorton

      Because people desire status not friends, Sammy

  6. jereme_dean

      photos contain in post: justin’s htmlg contributor picture overlayed on a public domain south park pic.

      fair would be, i don’t know, confronting the post with your disagreement.

      then again, honest confrontation is kryptonite to the bitchmade. best to stay in the shadows and whine to mom after everyone has gone to bed to preserve ‘likability’.

  7. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      suspect the harper perennial comment did it in.

  8. davidmmmorton

      300,000,000 reasons… har har har

  9. mimi

      that was my first thought

  10. Gene Morgan

      Fuck htmlgiant

  11. Gene Morgan

      I can do whatever I want

  12. Verve

      I didn’t grasp the whole thing about his father, but people can’t really control who their folks are, and in a forum that’s ostensibly about books, the post seemed like pure assholery and below the belt. In my opinion, it was taking things a little further than mean-spiritedness. I realize that being a jerk is your schtick/outlook/aim/prerogative, and I’m not a fan of Justin’s either, but your poetry sucks as much (more?) than his fiction. And no one is discussing your daddy.

  13. Verve

      Commence flameout.

  14. deadgod

      I think you’re right. Not sure how this claim is in reply to a 170th-birthday wish on Nietzsche’s account, though.

  15. jereme_dean

      who said justin’s fiction sucked or my poetry didn’t.

      think it’s humorous that the near harmless daddy comment is what you’re focusing on. a ‘hippy turned yuppy’ is only negative if you’re against yuppyism, which the majority of americans are not.

      the post, dear verve, was in tribute to the old days of htmlg, where mean mondays existed.

      back when ‘nothing is true, everything is permitted’ was the mantra of this iron lung.

      before all the cry babies cried their crocodile tears to strip it down to the emasculated ruin it is now..

      htmlg started out as a commune of individuals and is being laid to rest as a museum of conformity.

      and the only reason why i made such a post is because i made the mistake of taking these words to heart: ‘the next few weeks will hopefully be interesting, because if there’s
      anything this website deserves it’s an uncontrolled flameout.’

      all of you weak-ass dickfaces need to comprehend what i posted was a joke.

  16. Sheldon Lee Compton

      I didn’t see a thing wrong with the post, not that it matters what the hell I think, or anything else. I understood the mean monday posts were just roasts or whatever. I say put it back up. If it’s going to flame out, then let it flame out. This is pissing on the fire. Put the post back up and be damned. Be incredible. Be real. Don’t take yourself or anyone else so seriously. Good lord.

  17. deadgod

      ‘just kidding’ ?!

  18. jereme_dean

      Was I being cute and/or not taking responsibility for what was posted?

      Nah, that’s your bag, daddy-o.

      Just kidding and a joke aren’t related.

  19. Verve

      You behave like a high school student who thinks he’s so tough or that he sees through the shit that no one else does. “Hey guys, it was a joke! Sheesh! Can’t you take a joke?! I’m a total nonconformist and you’re a bunch of sheeple. I’ll be in my room listening to Minor Threat while you guys watch Family Ties!”

      You’re not coming across as anything other than a pathetic, lonely “poet” (gag) desperate for a community and recalling HTMLGIANT’s past in a glorified way–back when everyone was so fucking rad and they totally got jokes and didn’t cry crocodile tears, etc.

  20. jereme_dean

      Hell yeah, i’m a pathetic, lonely “poet.” And okay with it.

      Which is the distinction you’re not understanding.

  21. Verve

      There’s nothing I’m not understanding. It just doesn’t seem that you understand how transparent your routine is. Everyone gets it, James Dean. Fuckin’ grownups ruin everything!

  22. jereme_dean

      Encourage you/anyone/everyone to write a ‘mean monday’ post about me.

  23. Verve
  24. jereme_dean


      Feels like you’re a school counselor.

  25. deadgod


      ‘just kidding’ can be legit

      yes you were being yuppie-hardguy cute and denying responsibility

      “[it] was a joke” = ‘just kidding’

      time was, the real jereme dean would’ve denounced a backpedal for weak ass

      who are you and what have you done with jereme dean

  26. Verve

      Feels like you need one. And a hug. But you’re a shitbag.

  27. mimi

      obvsly you have been around for any of the REAL Mean Weeks

  28. Rauan Klassnik

      group hug ???

  29. deadgod

      not already happening ?

  30. deadgod

      wait, somebody was typing

      maybe the real jereme dean is struggling for control of the keyboard

      go jereme go

  31. jereme_dean

      No, ‘just kidding’ is a way of not taking responsibility.

      Me asserting the post as a ‘joke’ is different. Like, watch a george carlin stand-up routine, observations about reality are delivered in a mean and humorous way.

      The only reason why anyone should feel shitty about what I posted is if they feel shitty about who they are or what they’ve done.

      What does it actually matter if someone’s dad is a yuppy, or, initial conversation at a major publisher was gained through nepotism, or, someone thinks you’re a ‘shitbag.’

      My post is only as mean and insulting as a person allows it to be.

      On a semi-related note, what happened to the old dead god. The one who had a much deeper sense of humor and aesthetic style.

      I miss that iteration. He was actually interesting/challenging/funny.

      This dead god is, just, like, pissy and cute.

  32. Verve

      Going with the school counselor theme: Do you, Jereme Dean feel shitty about who you are and what you do? Or are you proud of yourself and what you do?

  33. deadgod

      darn, your abductor has stooped to higgs-level theory to lie about her or his actions

      ew !

      come on, real jereme, don’t give up

  34. jereme_dean

      Haha. You look so needy right now. Like, this is probably the most interesting event of the last 3 months of your life.

      Who am I to stop someone from having fun though. I’ll set up your next tiny insult.

      Pride is a manifestation of insecurity. I’m confident in who I am because I unconditionally accept myself. So I wouldn’t say I feel shitty or prideful about myself.

      The me from some years ago would provide a different answer.

  35. jereme_dean

      Haha. Until the original dead god returns, i’m no longer acknowledging your existence.

  36. FormerRaptorFrankTas
  37. deadgod

      this would’ve been wiser before you first insisted that ‘[it] was a joke’ is different from ‘just kidding’

  38. Verve

      Yes, this is the most interesting event of my life. Brilliantly played.

  39. deadgod

      turning for exculpation to postmodernism is not a sign of “security”

  40. mimi
  41. jereme_dean

      yeah, baby, yeah.

  42. Richard Grayson

      I think I wrote the first comment on that post: “This is disgusting.” I’m glad it was taken down.

      I’m going to avoid read any of the comments below.

  43. FormerRaptorFrankTas

      “By not directly engaging in the comments section and instead making all remarks on what follows my post as an edit in the original post, I maintain my lofty position as ‘original poster,’ affording me the power to carelessly judge with impunity those whose words can only and literally exist underneath my own.”

  44. mtc
  45. deadgod

      According to Gene, the site won’t “be erased” when posting at it ceases; it’ll continue to be up non-interactively for a while. And jereme’s listicle of Taylor’s posts has been cached elsewhere.

      Your example of Taylor’s, eh, prickliness and taste for invective is apposite. Maybe an attack that was more focused (and so less vacuously ‘personal’) would’ve struck the offended as “hilarious” and not emptily malicious in its obnoxiousness.

  46. mtc

      I don’t see why it was “personal” when the post only addressed recurring themes in Justin’s writing.

  47. mimi
  48. deadgod

      jereme’s breakdown of “Justin’s writing” consisted of repetition of one recurring theme in Taylor’s writing (“a topic nobody gives a fuck enough to read [about]: himself”), and a robotically hostile list of Taylor’s writing’s faults.

      No discussion, no evidence (except the list of Taylor’s blogicles that, I’m just guessing, are clickable from this site’s contributors’ pages), and tantalizing remarks that seem to indicate corruption.

      Nothing substantial even at the level of ‘it was a joke ≠ just kidding’.


      An example of personal would be “his hippy turned yuppy dad”.

  49. mtc

      His hippy/yuppy upbringing is clear in his dead head writing. Maybe it was his mom. And I sure wish I could see Jereme’s post so I could revisit what it was he said. Jereme also mentioned how Justin loves milking Joshua Cohen and constantly pointing out how he once had a gay experience as if it shows how adventurous/open minded he is. After that I don’t remember much of the post.

  50. deadgod

      Wait… there’s a link to a cached (but pristine) version of the post in my remarks two comments ago; click on the words has been cached elsewhere. Yes?

  51. jereme_dean


      Everything in the post concerning justin was directly correlated to his htmlg posts. Some I made an educated guess about, like, the stuff about his dad and the book deal.

      Figured his dad was the hippy turned yuppy influence since justin is constantly glorifying a cliche stereotype of the older, hard drinking man image.

      For all I know, justin’s dad is a butch dyke named clarice who’s handy with a turkey baster or was killed during by a meteorite when lil justin was 3mos old.

      The book deal mention wouldn’t have even been in there but ol’ jt sure likes to brag about his accomplishments and connections. And it seemed pretty obvious, since 4 months later, blake suddenly had a deal with the same people.

      I don’t even think there’s anything wrong if that’s how it was accomplished. Blake can still out write most everyone and it’s not like anyone in this dumb scene wouldn’t do the same if the chance materialized.

      The only aspect of what I wrote that was a personal attack was likening him to a duck, which actually isn’t my original material, others have said it to me.

      Hate me, or whatever, but that shit is funny.

      I always find the faux outrage laughingly pathetic when I make a ‘mean’ post because most everyone has said similar things behind closed doors, maybe not about justin, but others.

      Like, in the past, ol’ adam ‘bird just crapped in my beard’ robinson…

      That fucking weasel shit talked me left and right, lied to my girlfriend about making a book of her photography, avoided taking responsibility, kept stringing her along with bullshit and refused to admit anything until I took the screws to him publicly.

      And suddenly, poof, everything I heard was true! and my girl gets an email finally saying ‘this is too expensive to do.’ Wow, took over 12 months to figure that out.

      Or dumb-ass catherine lacey shit talking paula bomer with her ‘i don’t have anything against foul language but… don’t want people to think i’m in high school’ censorship bullshit.

      This place was destined for failure when the fellow contributors and editor(s) allowed jimmy chen to be bullied by a bunch of cunts looking for an easy fight to feel better about their feelings of inadequacy.

      I genuinely feel bad for gene though. Don’t even think he made much money from this place. Maybe i’m wrong.

      Feel like i’m ‘going off’ right now. lol.


      Just want to emphasize all y’all hissing from the shadows are a bunch of lamedick hypocrites.

  52. mtc

      Missed it. My bad. Thanks for not addressing anything else I said.

  53. mtc

      I don’t know jimmy, but can someone tell him we need one more beautiful piece of art history up here.

  54. deadgod

      You mean like addressing “Maybe it was his mom.”? I don’t think you know what address means.





  57. jereme_dean

      Doubtful since his resignation came after being bullied (again) and not being defended (again) by htmlg contributors and editor(s).

  58. jereme_dean

      As I must!

      A toast to the old days, zippo.

  59. columbusmatt

      Well obviously it wasn’t..

      Though another high point of JD’s original post was something about drop-kicking Justin’s face….

  60. Brooks Sterritt

      so you’re going to post again on monday right?

  61. jereme_dean

      your attention to detail is prestigious.

  62. columbusmatt

      “jesus… you’re a chubby, conceited high-school girl from the 80’s trapped in an aging man’s body.

      blaire was your favorite on facts of life, huh?

      next time you talk to your mother, congratulate the lady for failing as a parent.”

      Vicious projection much?

  63. jereme_dean

      in authentic htmlg fashion, nothing was confronted and everything removed, including my access to post.

      sure there will be a rousing ’25 points’ in my stead.

  64. jereme_dean

      ‘he who can’t pay attention well’, i’m not chubby, i’m fat.

      your uninspiring misdirection doesn’t change the fact that you failed to comment correctly or comment about the post correctly.

      i’m sure whatever amazing stuff is happening in columbus right now is excuse enough to continuously miscomprehend… everything.

  65. Brooks Sterritt

      I don’t know how normal that is, and can only say maybe you should talk to blake or gene?

  66. jereme_dean

      haha. brooks, thems the dudes who took the access away.

  67. Guest


  68. Blake Butler

      because justin asked it be removed and no one cared enough to protect it because despite being humorously-intended without a wink it wasn’t really true or fair to someone who spent a lot of time putting heart into the site at its peak and obviously a joke’s a joke and some people’s senses of humor don’t align with others and who gives a shit anyway and how could htmlgiant die without jereme getting slighted one more time.

      anyway i like you ppl

  69. Blake Butler

      yes because clearly the founders of this site are heavily concerned with being liked

      RIP yr blog post. post again soon.

  70. Brooks Sterritt

      I realize that, dude. But if they take away your access, and you say nothing, then it doesn’t really make sense to complain about it. Keep rockin

  71. jereme_dean

      I already talked to gene about it. I’ve accepted/feel understanding about my contributor access being pulled. That part really isn’t a big deal.

      I mean, none of this is really a big deal. It’s the fucking internet. Which is my point.

  72. jereme_dean

      Man, the jt post came to fruition while researching for the real mean monday post I was writing. Feel slightly regretful it won’t be posted.


      It was gonna be a masterpiece of a mean monday.

      RIP both my blog posts.