April 11th, 2017 / 2:24 pm


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  1. Brooks Sterritt
  2. deadgod

      I think one should follow only those leaders at all who bite and stab. When the leader whom we follow doesn’t wake us with a punch to the skull, what then are we following the leader for? Thereby to make us happy, as you write? My god, we should be just as happy if we had no leaders, and such leaders who make us happy, we could ourselves govern as needed. But we require the leaders who work on us like a disaster that grieves us greatly, like the death of one whom we held dearer than ourselves, as if we were cast out into forests away from all people, like a suicide, a leader must be the axe for the frozen sea in us. That, I think.

  3. deadgod

      I just realized that the ad is part of your graphic, ha ha. …right now, the ad beside Chen’s work is “HOT Russian ladies online”—similarly, though differently, apposite.

  4. STaugustine

      Hey… is this the resurrected HTML Giant… Zombie? The last time I checked, the place/entity was being boarded up…. (claps hand once, waits for echo)… now it appears to be reanimated, but not quite. Eerie. Is it hungry for human brains…?

  5. Erik Stinson

      cant hardly wait

  6. deadgod

      товарищ! …ayny thoughts on our KGB/Goldman Sachs bagman?

  7. STaugustine

      Zizek’s favorite line, “First as a tragedy, then as farce” springs to mind! Laugh. I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Clinton Hydra pipped! After a couple of decades of Hil’s campaign, too! But now it’s (almost) back to biz as usual. All that Left Cover BHO provided for the Neo Lib project can be approximated, now, by the fact that neither party will take the blame for anything “outsider” Trump is forced to do while in office… this will be a scary opportunity to go even further than Clintons/ Bushes/ BHO in pursuit of the Overall Agenda, imo.