March 29th, 2011 / 7:14 am

7 is holy like the world working Chaka Khan

1. Strange Maps does Twin Peaks.

Ultimately, however, the series’ exact location is incidental, even obstructive to its narrative.

1. Excellent Redmond O’Hanlon profile here.

He likes to stack up around himself everything he has ever valued, as if he fears it’ll all be taken away: stuffed animals, skulls, a giant pelican, a mummified frog, hundreds of photographs of pygmies, a pair of buffalo horns and lots of cabinets – for beetles, butterflies, birds’ eggs and an alarming spider.

2. Oh eyeballs! Interview with Tony Rauch about Bizarro Fiction.

If you think about it, there’s nothing strange about a giant vegetable who lives up in your attic without you knowing about it.

4. Mike Smith writes poems that are all anagrams of each other. Then he chooses poems by sixteen well-known American poets and writes anagrams of some of their poems. WTF?

7. Speaking of reviews, I like when people say a story is “Slight.” That is code for thin, as in brief in all universe, as in shallow, as in SUCK. What are other words in reviews that say one thing and mean another?

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  1. Winston Len

      RE no. 7: “Sentimental” is supposedly the worst possible insult when applied to poetry (based on what a poet friend told me).

  2. Anonymous
  3. Anonymous
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  5. Anonymous

      While positive, I think these are less than a full endorsement of a work: fine, solid, strong. I hear good, but not great.
      An insult: clever. Uggh.