November 7th, 2011 / 5:35 pm
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A Survey of 90s + Early-Internet Love Poetry

    Since I’m only 23, it’s hard for me to understand love without the Internet. Probably all the times I’ve been in love, the Internet has been involved. Let’s consider some poems from the 1990s and early 2000s that feature love.
    From a design standpoint, many of these poems suffer and thrive within the limitations of early web design utilities. There are strange boarders, floral .gifs, and extensive breaking with conventional wisdom on fonts.
    In terms of how these poems make me feel, there is a note of desperation and of severe emotion in these works. They seem spiritual – and often are explicitly religious. They are from a time before online dating was common. They are from a time before Facebook. Electronic detachment was fresh.
    The theme of not being able to see the object of one’s love is common. The notion of falling in love with someone outside of any physical contact may have been somewhat lost as the Internet evolved into a realm of intensive photo and video content sharing. Some of the purity of online text communication has been lost. Command line direct to the heart.  Maybe these people who found love on the Internet were the only people to understand the true soul2soul love of two people who have connected minds, but not connected bodies. Maybe they are the first and best Internet generation. They are the fearless explorers, going inside computers to find themselves. They are the forgotten idealists of Internet romance.
    Perhaps the most visible collection of these poems exists at where you can browse through a nice blue beveled layout. Another great spot is Many of my favorite poems however, are only found searching obscure .gif collections. has one of the only image search advanced-functions that allows users to see only animated .gifs in results. I recommend everyone do a little research of their own.
   Anyways. My OKCupid SN for NYC area is loungelizard97.

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  1. stephen

      i didn’t know you were younger than me. feel kinda strange now

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      wow you’re taller than me

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  4. Merzmensch

      Hard stuff… I wonder, who are all the people who wrote and animated and glittered these textes and distributed them all over the net… Animated hystery of contemporary melancholia.

  5. Erik Stinson

      we may never know these mystery lovers

  6. Tony

      The only thing fat about you is your heart baby

  7. Jeff Noh

      found the last of these rather compelling.. jesus 

  8. c2k

      I like this post and I can’t figure out why.


  9. David Fishkind

      wowwee a new htmlgiant personality was conceived a lil ago and today he was borrrrnnnn

  10. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      these poems would be good prints to have on oversized sweatshirts 

  11. Tomes and Talismans

      The only good love notes could also plausibly be DOOM cheat codes.

  12. Dubya

      I had no clue one of my poems was listed on that netpoets site. Weird. I haven’t written poetry in over a decade. I see know why I gave it up. lol