November 15th, 2011 / 6:12 pm

A void

In 1960, Yves Klein set a tarpaulin on the street, leapt off a building onto it, later altered the photograph to make it all seem cooler, and called it “Le Saut dans le Vide (Leap into the Void).” No one expects the artist to have hurt himself in the making of said image, so we’ll give him the haha-ok nod. Of his other works, my favorite, is “Le Vide (The Void)” (1958) in which he showed an empty display case in an empty gallery in order to present nothing; of course, somewhat unfortunately, the presence of the display case in itself was necessary in invoking the theoretical absence of what might have been there. On the opening night, 3000 classy Parisians waited in line outside waiting to be let into the empty room. Some 30 years later, a then-disgruntled singer of a rather popular grunge band leapt off a stage set into his fans, lending an Olympic component to the “stage dive.” The fans braced the imminent collision with extended hands, together in a mutual crowd wave which I’ve always found endearing. To carry your fallen hero back to the alter is well worth the ticket, and chance of a sprained wrist. If the acceleration of gravity is godless physics, then the assumption that your fans will catch you is faith in one’s art. For your own personal Klein painting, this contributor encourages you to google map any of our vast oceans (zoomed in, satellite view); or, in his avoidance of work, this.


  1. Mr. Ian M. Belcurry


  2. deadgod

      vodka inside
      a klein bottle and black sambuca
      circumject membrane, ab-
      sent void

  3. reynard

      does this mean i am going to piss international klein blue in a few hours? if so, damn you in advance for the cocktail i didn’t get. also, today i was thinking that, in my memory, monica lewinsky’s stained dress was ikb, but when i looked i realized it’s more of a royal b.

  4. Erik Stinson

      boy void

  5. Emma

      Thanks for this, best thing I’ve read all day

  6. Leapsloth14

      Chen the shit