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Posted by @ 12:09 pm on April 10th, 2009


From Action Yes editors:

For the rest of the month of April, Action,Yes is open to submissions. So please send your art, sounds, words and ideas to Include the word ‘Submission’ in the subject line.

This is our first open submissions period. We apologize to those of you who’ve sent us work in the past who we’ve not been able to respond too. It doesn’t mean we weren’t impressed with your work; it just means that we didn’t know how pick through the prodigious spam of our (old) inboxes to find it. So please send again.

Looking forward to seeing your work.

Meanwhile, if you have not yet dug into the new issue, holy shit. Probably one of my favorite all-time issues of a magazine, only or no. Too much good from 2x the freaks, including Dodie Bellamy, Lily Hoang, Angela Genusa, Elizabeth Ellen, Aaron Kunin, Lara Glenum, FLUXCONCERT, Matt Kirkpatrick, Rauan Klassnik, Mark Leidner, Sabrina Oren Mark, Christian Peet, Evan Willner, Girjia Tropp, a whole lot of other madness.

I could write close readings of most every piece in here. Maybe I will.

For now, here is the first graph of Alissa Nutting’s ‘Empty Stool’:

Sheila had to tackle her incontinence or she would never get a date. Her goal was sex, but really it was more than that; it was Sam Benson who had one orthopedic shoe. His other foot was free of aesthetic compromise, its proportion was fluid with regular curves and pads. It was a pure foot. She thought often of caressing it and doing something to its toes she had seen once on the television then attempted to practice on herself. The trial had not been a success: the angles, the belly bulge. She had been contorted to a position of strain, unable to bring them to her lips.

and how about the first graph of the whole issue, from Ellen Baxt’s ‘from ‘Enumeration of Colonies”:

I flew high above the earth’s surface, crossing the equator twice. The sadness was unspeakable, not the swirling facts, but the uniforms and the chukchukchuk above our beds when we were sleeping. There were floodlights and we felt funny taking our clothes off even though the blinds were drawn. We didn’t go against the uniforms and the new policies. We were very obedient this year. We protested the war, all the cynics and all the believers, and those who were too hopeful to be cynics and too honest to be believers. We were colder than we had ever been so we went into a pub on the sidelines. There was a lot of whiskey and color coding on TV. We were ashamed and our necks were stiff.

Please go get, and have your brain pinked, and pummeled. Mmm.

(The above image of the dragon guitar came from googling ‘exploder.’ Double Mmm.)

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