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The new issue of Action Yes is live, and all Swedish, and amazing.

New online issues of Action Yes and Gigantic be rippin it like it s’posed to be ripped.

New issue of Action Yes is mega sublime.

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Poem Addressing Doubts that are Illuminated Before I Again Shift the Attention to You, Before Shifting it Back to Me Again

I want to explain more about what I’m thinking, but I’m afraid it will make me seem stupid. I do worry about how I appear in this poem. It is not cool for a poet to appear to be anxious for praise and attention in a poem. It is not cool for anyone to appear to be anxious for praise and attention. I’m just saying something that is true. I hope you will not hold that against me, or this poem. I would suggest that if you do not feel that you, or those you admire, are anxious for praise and attention, then you are not looking at yourself and the world realistically. Of course, I’m not interested in saying insightful, realistic things, which I wouldn’t say except for the fact that I’m interested in saying insightful, realistic things.

Peter Davis

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April 21st, 2010 / 12:19 pm

New Action Yes is live, with a shitload of the good, including Juliet Cook, Peter Davis, Christopher DeWeese, Justin Dobbs, Claire Donato, Daniel Borzutzky, and a slew of speech. Eat it.

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Good lord man! New ‘abstract comic’ themed Action Yes; new Harp & Altar (w/ Kate Greenstreet, Joanna Ruocco, Lisa Jarnot, Eileen Myles); new Memorious (w/ Aaron Burch, Thomas Cooper, Xu Xi). We’ve got some reading to do.

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Action Yes is open & eating


From Action Yes editors:

For the rest of the month of April, Action,Yes is open to submissions. So please send your art, sounds, words and ideas to Include the word ‘Submission’ in the subject line.

This is our first open submissions period. We apologize to those of you who’ve sent us work in the past who we’ve not been able to respond too. It doesn’t mean we weren’t impressed with your work; it just means that we didn’t know how pick through the prodigious spam of our (old) inboxes to find it. So please send again.

Looking forward to seeing your work.

Meanwhile, if you have not yet dug into the new issue, holy shit. Probably one of my favorite all-time issues of a magazine, only or no. Too much good from 2x the freaks, including Dodie Bellamy, Lily Hoang, Angela Genusa, Elizabeth Ellen, Aaron Kunin, Lara Glenum, FLUXCONCERT, Matt Kirkpatrick, Rauan Klassnik, Mark Leidner, Sabrina Oren Mark, Christian Peet, Evan Willner, Girjia Tropp, a whole lot of other madness.


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April 10th, 2009 / 12:09 pm