Andy Warhol interview with Bay Times Oct. 1965

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“Do you think pop art is…”




“Do you think pop art is…”

“No… no, I don’t.”

“Why did you leave commercial art?”

“Uhhh, because I was making too much money at it.”

“Is your present work more self-satisfying?”

“Uhhh, no.”

“OK, if you say so. Are you drawing for yourself to express your individuality more fully or because you are so well paid?”

“Uhhh… well, Gerard does all my paintings.”

“What was the purpose of making a 4 1/2 hour film of Robert Indiana eating two mushrooms?’

“How do you know it was two mushrooms? It was only one mushroom.”

“Well, in the article I read it said it was two mushrooms.”

“Oh, it was one mushroom.”

“What was the purpose of it?”

“Well, it took him that long to eat one mushroom.”

“I mean, why did you have to film it?”

“Uhhh, I don’t know. He was there and he was eating a mushroom.”

“About how much time do you spend on your painting?”

“No time… what color are your eyes?”

“I think they’re blue but my mother says they change a lot.”

“They look… they look brown.”

“Yeah, that’s what she says. She says at night they look brown.”

“Well, why’d you say they were blue?”

“Because that’s the color I’ve known all my life. She says they’re blue.”


“Yeah, they’re blue.”

“They’re brown.”

“They’re blue.”

“They’re brown.”

[excerpted from a longer interview in I’ll be your mirror: the selected Andy Warhol interviews : 1962-1987 By Kenneth Goldsmith, Reva Wolf, Wayne Koestenbaum]

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