January 13th, 2012 / 7:02 pm

Art Thoughtz: Hennesy Youngman on Damien Hirst “The perfect storm of banality”


  1. mimi

      DH goes twat

  2. deadgod

      All my gibberish is irrelevant anyway because a man can pose however he likes to pose.

  3. Jonathan Safran Foer

      Damien is great fun. Is work is so bossy though.

  4. kristin

      Hirst is a one-liner cesspool.  What happened to the idea of craft. jesus christ. 

      I knew art was dead after witnessing Jeff Koons drone about ‘art goals’ as the speaker at my graduation. 

      seriously. “shark face.” 

      all art is sharkface. 


      I still think Banks Violette is a totally major good one, though. even if he always looks totally cranked. A Sunn0))) collab basically means you’ve won. 

      still; dead. 

  5. L.

      I feel like Hirst really only exists to prove that all “conceptual” art after Duchamp is for chumps. 

  6. Bpp Operator

      Wow. Tell me how you really feel.

  7. bemightee

      this is painfully awesome