Artist Temperaments

Posted by @ 8:38 pm on December 4th, 2013




It is not just an artist’s work, but their personalities — inadvertent, performative, implied, affected, whatever — by which an overall narrative, or “personal brand,” of the artist is measured, which invariably informs how the art is perceived. Do likeable people make likeable art, and vice versa? Is it better to be an arrogant genius than a modest one? At what point is arrogance reasonable? One hates to reduce art-making to the two binaries presented, but this seems to be the case: What you think of yourself, and what others think of you. (Also, notice, for e.g., Eddie Vedder on the mediocre side. I am not saying he’s mediocre. I’m saying he’s almost a genius. Your head is comprised of grey matter; may it host a grey zone) — and this is all grossly subjective and was distractedly assembled while this contributor was at work, in a cast (broken hand, bike accident), with low blood sugar due to manorexic tendencies (no breakfast, salad for lunch), and I know there’s not enough women and minorities represented, and that this is all rather mainstream, so if you point that out, I’ll know that you didn’t finish reading this ΒΆ. Cheers, to the people who touch us.