Posted by @ 12:19 pm on April 8th, 2009

birkencover1Birkensnake, a primarily print journal out of Providence, has just released the contents of their now mostly sold out first issue to the WWW. Which means you can read new words by David Ohle, Joanna Howard, Tina Connolly, Matthew Pendelton, Sam Roberts, Aaaron Kovalchik, and Elizabeth Hall, which were previously only available in paper.

A little birdie also told me included in the full PDF version of the magazine is an introduction by one Bjorn Verenson, which might just be a close name alteration of one Brian Evenson.

Check it out! They are also currently looking for new work for the upcoming second issue.

I might mention here that both editors Joanna Ruocco and Brian Conn have their debut books coming out this year or next. Joanna’s ‘The Mothering Coven’ has been announced as one of the two next titles from the amazing Ellipsis Press (along with the equally amazing Norman Lock) for fall, and Brian will release his debut novel ‘The Fixed Stars’ in Spring 2010 with FC2! Talk about power. Massive wonder.

Now then, in the spirit of fun, let’s see this thread get as many comments based on the brilliant content of the Birkensnake issue as the silly riot-inducer on Toni a few below this. No? Ya’ll just love the drama, I swear. But this is where it’s at.

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