January 25th, 2012 / 11:30 am


–from Gabrielle de Vietri


  1. David Fishkind


  2. PH Madore

      Thank you.

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      the playfulness of language, BRAVO!

  4. Anonymous

      Dear Dan Bloom,
      You got a reCaptcha.  The Hebrew word is from some text that OCR(Optical Character Recognition) was having trouble reading.  Anyonecould have got it.  It’s just a coincidence that you could read Hebrew(and that the word translates to “book”).  Our Captchas do not yetmake use of their uncanny ability to tell what languages its clients(like you) know.
      Best,manuel blumPHDcarnegie mellon universityI BELIEV HE CREATED THE CAPTCHA thing,

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      There I was, minding my own business, as usual, working not out of my wireless cave that day, but in my local internet cafe, since I don’t own a computer and do all my email and surfing chores at the rent-a-computer cafe down the street from the place where I live.

      I prefer renting. So every day, without fail, I make my way to the Dragon Fruit Tattoo Internet Cafe
      in my little burg in southern Taiwan, without fail, I commence reading and typing for an hour or two until the money runs out and I need to put in some more coins.This system might not work for everyone, but it keeps me sane.
      Get more powerful, intelligent, efficient server architecture solution
      Ads by TechClicksHowever, speaking of sanity, the other day something entirely baffling happened and I still don’t get it. There I was on Facebook, madly typing away to someone named Mad Mike Mageek, but before I could send my FB message, the machine asked for to fill in the Captcha security box and type in two words. The words are usually English words, in fact, they have always been English words.

      The Captcha box will ask you to type in, say, “deer” and “tailgate” and then you’re on your way.But this time, just the other day, here in Taiwan, the Captcha people sent me a Captcha box that asked me to type in one word that was printed in English and another word which was printed in Hebrew!

      Yes, Hebrew letters, Hebrew script, the aleph beth gimmel of the Hebrew alphabet. Though it’s true I can read and decipher Hebrew, having studied it as a kid at my local synagogue and passed all the tests that allowed me to become a bar mitzvah boy at age 13 in the Boston area, I have no idea how to type Hebrew on a computer. And my computer here only does English and Chinese. Not Hebrew.

      So not only was I flabberghasted, I was also perplexed and flummoxed.Thus began this journey.
      Read more: http://news.techeye.net/internet/captured-by-a-captcha#ixzz1konnJJN0