October 26th, 2009 / 10:35 am

Choice Gleanings from the Doomsday Film Festival and Symposium


Gabriel McKee, the moderator of the panel I appeared on on Friday night, runs a very cool blog called sfgospel.com. There’s a double review up now of the new R. Crumb take on Genesis with the Wolverton Bible.

Nick Thompson, senior editor of Wired, was on the panel too. He spoke about the Soviet Doomsday Machine.

Then, at a second panel on Sunday, I found myself in the company of Bob Fingerman, John Joseph Adams (editor of Wastelands, the apocalypse anthology that came out shortly after mine, and which I have always privately regarded as my book’s worthy nemesis), plus two fine people whose names escape me at present, including a woman named Hillary who got more than a bit breathless when discussing Japanime, especially Akira and  Legend of the Overfiend (see above).

Then somehow I wound up at this site Overthinking It (I think this was via the Rumpus, actually, but it’s Doomsday-appropriate) which I’m rapidly falling in love with. Here’s their explanation of the new technical term, “Ghost Ship Moment”-

The Ghost Ship Moment (or GSM), in its most basic formulation, is when the characters in a film learn what you know from the movie’s title.

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