January 30th, 2011 / 5:10 pm

Coming Soon

Nephew, an imprint of Mud Luscious Press, publishes raw & aggressive pocket-sized titles in limited-editions. Readers will have exactly three months from the first day of sales to purchase one of 150 available copies. Once all 150 copies are ordered or when we reach three months of sales, whichever comes first, that title will immediately print & ship. There will be no subsequent editions & only e-galleys will be available for reviewers. Titles will also not be revealed until their sales period opens, though we are willing to give you a peek of the first:

“It beguttons the buttoning of alarms or the on of the radio. Somewhere pianoish, Rachmaninoffish. Awake. A little chilly. In the hall where the hall rolls bathroom-toward near the mirror and our donkey, a bit of trouble, of seeing himself clearly. Nevermind that. He dabs drips which are of a muskier something. The mezzo-soprano sang, then bang, ended, the audience sang, off with their pointed hats.”



  1. Trey

      everything they do is fascinating and friendly and cool. J.A. Tyler seems unstoppable.

      wondering if eventually digital versions will be made available. lots to admire about the 150 copies/3 month model (time- and number-based incentives to buy, only print as many as you sell, etc.) and I do appreciate the idea of “limited edition,” but it has always seemed a shame to me for that literature to potentially seal itself away, only ever read by 150 people.

      but maybe/probably those published will go on to place their work in a collection or something, so I guess it doesn’t disappear.

  2. J. A. Tyler

      Thanks Trey. We appreciate the compliments. We did discuss digital versions at length but have ultimately decided against them for this imprint series. We want these books to live in physical copies for a limited number of readers, but we do envision the texts to, as you said, end up in collections or with other presses after their initial printing as an Mud Luscious Press Nephew.

  3. zusya

      XXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX by XXXXX XXXXXX = Sex Clowns Happier by Blake Butler?

      just a guess. congrat on the new imprint, regardless.

  4. Andrew

      I’ve pondered writing a comment several times since you posted because this development seemed cool so now i am commenting

  5. J. A. Tyler

      How the fuck did you guess that Zusya? You are good.
      Thanks about the imprint. We are excited.

  6. J. A. Tyler

      Thanks Andrew.