July 27th, 2012 / 1:43 pm

Comment Thread Descending a Staircase


  1. Stephen Tully Dierks

      hi jimmy
                    hi, jimmy

                                 helllo! jimmy.
                                                       im at work…jimmy..

  2. Jimmy Chen

       This is the problem with our current generation.

  3. Stephen Tully Dierks

      =( jimmy..

  4. Stephen Tully Dierks

      i’m in a weird mood jimmy…trying to emerge from what can only be described as a mild funk…your post gave me a surge of positive feelings…i sent the link to omar.. but before that, well, i was in the dumps…i nearly tweeted this just now: “muttered ‘do they have dieaways’ while looking at getaways email.” so as you can see, [something] happy friday jimmy lol

  5. Erik Stinson

      im sipping a 24 oz slurpee (50% Coke, 50% “Red”) in front of 27 inch mac

      about to ‘imagine’ the ‘solution’ to ‘making consumer believe in car rental again’

      ~10 people waiting for me to ‘imagine’ this ‘solution’

      feel certain my solution will involve ‘feelings of the open road’ possibly ‘monument valley visuals’

  6. Jimmy Chen

       this is what happens when patrick bateman gets a tumblr

  7. Erik Stinson

      imagining alternate universe patrick bateman as overweight 7-11 employee on second marriage, accidentally cast as extra in a sopranos episode from first season

  8. Omar De Col

      don drag my name into this fagot

  9. Nathan Jackson

      This quick descent represents a sense of ‘communication anxiety’ that pervades the internet. The fact that the initial staircase condemnation (see Banister Banishment) was so readily defended and regarded as “making a point” is an unfortunately common nod among the hordes of courageous thread trolls, like peacekeepers passing in the night. There is a preconceived notion of the verbally crippled shut-in crying out in brief monosyllabic outbursts that are as drained of any traceable content as a subliminally painted, empty gallery wall posing as the exhibition itself. The lowest common denominator plays the ridiculous role of pointblank sharpshooter to the greatest common duck in a barrel. The emotional trigger finger jerk quarantines original thoughts into concentration camps immediately upon recognition. These suspended animations slither under the sub-sonar radar scope, filling the back of the black to white ratio that splits the night-sky backdrop of this very site. Uniform matte legion repeatedly refusing ignition at the flatline rate of a locust litany.

  10. herocious

      jac jemc makes a reference to this painting in the second paragraph of ‘my only wife’

  11. deadgod

      Of course it “blows” – it’s a picture of an explosion in a shingle factory.

      The sock puppet used to self-‘Like’ could be more deviously blogonym’d.

      Is “fellatio” offensive because the act is inherently submissive or because the term is (commonly) used in a way that imputes submission to the act?

      How is 1 considered an “even” number?

      Is Modernism to blame for a person of Etch Romney’s fiber being taken seriously as a vertebrate?

  12. A D Jameson
  13. Richard Grayson

      Centenarian Dies on Staircase.

      Mrs. Frances Tilanda, 100 years old, of 313 Madison Street, dropped dead while descending the staircase in a tenement at 5 Jackson Street yesterday afternoon.  Dr. Jacobowitz of Governeur Hospital said death was caused by old age.  The centenarian had been visiting her son-in-law, John Cimosko, at the Jackson Street address over the Christmas holidays.

      New York Times, December 28, 1931


  14. Alisha Karabinus

      I think I’m in love here, but I’m not sure what I’ve fallen for.

  15. davidmmmorton

      Hi, Jimmy Chen. Do you like Zagnut candy bars?

  16. linqiong175

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