Control Yourselves: An Adult Sequel to Sweet Valley High Looms on the Horizon

Posted by @ 4:28 pm on October 12th, 2010

When I was a kid, I read the Sweet Valley High books. I read them all. I may still read them from time to time as an adult but will not confirm this publicly. I loved Elizabeth and Jessica, those adorable blonde twins, those charming California girls. They were twins! But different! I loved Todd, Elizabeth’s serious boyfriend. He played basketball. Jessica was a bit of a loose girl. She made out with more than one guy in high school. I empathized with homely Enid and misunderstood Lila. These people were my secret friends once I had exhausted the charms of Little House on the Prairie. I loved how chaste the books were and how satisfying each story felt. When the Super Editions were released, I was there, I was invested, thrilled to have twice the Sweet Valley goodness in one book.

Today, I squealed like a ten year old because there’s going to be a sequel, and now they are adults, Elizabeth and Jessica. I heartell of a rift. Elizabeth is in New York. Where is Jessica? Why is there a rift between them? I don’t know, but not nearly soon enough, we will have answers. Don’t you dare tell me dreams don’t come true.