October 4th, 2008 / 12:43 pm

Daniel Bailey’s exploding face

Earlier this year a new secret head emerged from the face of the internet, it was a new journal that instead of words on screens that you can look at and read decided to feature video feature work only, though to this point work that contains poetry and semi-corresponding videos made by lonely young male authors.

The site is called HERE EXPLODES MY GIANT FACE and is run by a fine man by the name of Daniel Bailey.

The videos run thus far have been mostly all really well put together and fun to watch, a nice shift in public poetics. I particularly like the most recent video on the site by Sam Pink, which features a video of a man walking through the woods with a flashlight until he comes upon a rather cryptic and somehow very creepy scene in a house, all while Sam reads his one-liner-ish words from his recent Jaguar Uprising Press release YUM YUM I CAN’T WAIT TO DIE. The whole experience of the video caused weird rashes and giggle marrs on my knee.

I think I’ve said before that Sam Pink should become a stand up comedian, I would go see him.

The rest of the stuff on the site, including work by Brandon Scott Gorrell and Ken Baumann and Matthew Savoca and several others, is all very nice viewing. Check it, and submit!

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  1. Molly Gaudry

      I am now officially a lonely young male author.

  2. Molly Gaudry

      I am now officially a lonely young male author.