November 14th, 2010 / 4:28 pm

Equality Rules

The Equalizer series is complete! See the final three installments below, plus the final series all in one pdf, along with a note from editor, Michael Schiavo.

The Equalizer 1.13 Henry Gould’s Lanthanum 4

The Equalizer 1.14 Tony Tost, Maureen Thorson, Lytton Smith, Richard Deming, Cosmo Spinosa, James Meetze, Matt Cozart, Eric Unger, Janaka Stucky, Cody Walker, Katherine Factor, Matt Hart, Buck Downs, and Jim Behrle.

The Equalizer 1.15 Mark Horosky’s Fabulous Beasts

The Equalizer – First Series

Note from Michael Schiavo: Thank you all so much. The Equalizer has been a huge success. I’ll be posting a FAQ to my blog in the next week or so, but to answer one of the most pressing questions that many have asked . . .

From its inception, I intended The Equalizer to be an “occasional” series, i.e. every few years. While extremely gratifying, it is an enormous undertaking. I can’t imagine soliciting or putting a call out for submissions until 2012 at the earliest, with a possible date of 2014 for the second series’ appearance.

In the interim, there are hundreds of “Equalizers” out there that will welcome your poems, hundreds of great little magazines and series and one-offs and blogs and websites that are publishing interesting, diverse poetry and writing from every corner of every corner. Some have been around a long time, some have just started, and some have yet to be imagined.

The best way to ensure a second series’ appearance is to spread the word about The Equalizer any way you can. It’s like anything: if I know you had a good time, I’m more likely to do it again, and sooner. You don’t have to post the PDFs on your blog or website like Alexis Orgera, Maureen Thorson, and so many others were kind enough to do, but if you’ve enjoyed The Equalizer, please mention it on your blog, please email the PDFs to interested readers, please tweet, please cable, please talk about it and pass it around.

I’ll be sending out very occasional updates and information via this mailing list, including news about the second series.

Please email with inquiries. Visit for more information about The Equalizer. Follow @Michael_Schiavo on Twitter to download sections throughout 2010.

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