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Equality Rules

The Equalizer series is complete! See the final three installments below, plus the final series all in one pdf, along with a note from editor, Michael Schiavo.

The Equalizer 1.13 Henry Gould’s Lanthanum 4

The Equalizer 1.14 Tony Tost, Maureen Thorson, Lytton Smith, Richard Deming, Cosmo Spinosa, James Meetze, Matt Cozart, Eric Unger, Janaka Stucky, Cody Walker, Katherine Factor, Matt Hart, Buck Downs, and Jim Behrle.

The Equalizer 1.15 Mark Horosky’s Fabulous Beasts

The Equalizer – First Series


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November 14th, 2010 / 4:28 pm

A Thing That Has an Equalizing Effect

More sections from The Equalizer!

The Equalizer 1.3:   Joshua Corey, Stephanie Anderson, Buck Downs, Shanna Compton, Laura Carter, Peter Davis, Alana Dagen, Reb Livingston, Cody Walker, John Cotter, Craig Santos Perez, and Chris Martin.

The Equalizer 1.4:   A selection from John Gallaher’s Guidebooks.

The Equalizer 1.5:   Cynthia Cruz, Reb Livingston, Allison Gauss, Jill Alexander Essbaum, Cody Walker, Buck Downs, Barbara Cully, Peter Davis, Lucas Farrell, Stephanie Anderson, Noah Falck, Carol Fink, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Matt Hart, Maureen Thorson, Amy King, and Chris Martin.

The Equalizer 1.6: Lucas Farrell’s “The Dual-Shade of Six-Prong.”


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October 12th, 2010 / 9:41 pm

“Church and State” (guest posted by Rauan Klassnik)

or “Michael Schiavo’s Negative Review of Matthew Dickman’s All-American Poem” (“The Anti-Whitman or Out of Many, Me, Me, Me: Matthew Dickman’s All American Poem.”)

[A guest post (hopefully the first of many) by Rauan Klassnik -ed.]


Michael Schiavo has written a very passionate and very negative review of Matthew Dickman and his poetry.

In the aftermath of his review Michael Schiavo has stated that he doesn’t “plan on doing negative reviews, especially of this intensity, often. But (he) will do so when necessary. And this was necessary. Big picture.”

Michael has also since written that Dickman’s poetry is not even worthy of being called “shit.”

“To even describe these poems as shit is to assign value to them. Shit is the root of things, rids the body of toxins while building up the natural world that surrounds us. It’s part of nature, part of a process that has meaning and power behind it. It’s disconcerting to hold in your hand something that rightly shouldn’t exist.”


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March 17th, 2009 / 12:13 pm