January 31st, 2012 / 8:36 pm

Facebook post for example

There is an actual space between fiction and nonfiction. We, these here folks, should squat it/sit thar/inhabit this space, if anyone. What/Where is that space? I’ve been thinking on it. What u say? I’d like to see more writers in that space.

Here is an opportunity to store your firearms (or umbrelli?) underground. 2012, people.

Also: When you take ibuprofen, what do you take, 2-4 tablets? Or more (barbaric yawp goes the duodenum)? Just pondering.



  1. Scott

      i take 2 or 3.

  2. Anonymous

      I just read today about M.I.A. getting interviewed by someone from the NYT, secretly recording the interview, and then releasing the recording after the article came out to show all the ways the reporter lied or misconstrued who she was. I think that’s a pretty good example of blurring the lines.

  3. Ben Collins

      Again with the seemingly random use of this photo… has Lovelace cracked some code here, something about the girls and the red that somehow catches the eye of the reader more quickly. Is it just all advertising? what am I missing?

  4. mimi

      i finally watched that movie

  5. postitbreakup

      jesus, enjoy your liver damage

  6. shaun gannon


  7. Trey

      when I saw this on the recent comments sidebar I thought this was just a straight reply to sean’s post and I was like “damn.” but it’s ok now.

  8. Trey

      also I don’t take ibuprofen but I take two off-brand excedrin on slow mornings because of the caffeine. 

  9. leapsloth14

      6 and 12, fucking A!

  10. Anonymous

      can’t do that with acetaminophen though or you’ll fuck your liver up beyond description

  11. leapsloth14

      when I was an RN the number 1 overdose drug was Tylenol. We would have people (usually women) take 100, 200 or more Tylenol. This did NOT kill them, but wow that’s a hit to the liver!

  12. mimi

      as i understand it, ibuprofen works pretty well as a pain killer for most people at a dose of 200 to 400 mg    
      its anti-inflammatory effect kicks in at a dose of 600 to 800 mg  
      depending, of course, on your body size/weight  
      as a competitive ski-jumper i need to know these things

  13. deadgod

      Were the patients – most of them – trying to kill themselves, in your view? or trying confusedly to anaesthetize temporarily a physical pain?

  14. deadgod

      Ibuprof is the only thing, for me, that usefully dulled a bad toothache.  (The Frankenheroin you can get just dulled everything else, which all blurred around the stabbing supernova in the jaw.) 

      It also cuts a hangover, but so does practice.

  15. mimi

      cross-commented on different posts, yo

  16. mimi

      wait, sorry, shoulda writ *blogicle* errrgh

  17. Elissa Washuta

      Careful with the ibuprofen, I used to take it on an empty stomach and now have stomach problems.