Favorite First Sentences

Posted by @ 7:46 pm on August 5th, 2009

Alright.  All this Lish talk has me thinking about first sentences: the pleasure derived from them, the importance, the world-containing, etc.

My favorite first sentence is from Blood Meridian, which is weird to me because I’ve tried to read the book three times and have put it down halfway each time, but it is still a powerful book, maybe too powerful for me at the moment.  Anyway, its first sentence:

See the child.

That, to me, is awesome; a plain evocation, and commandment, biblical as all hell which is what Cormac does so wonderfully.

And my other favorite opener, from The Stranger:

Maman died today.

Detached, even with the endearing colloquialism.  Prescient, full of doom.

Alright, now you go.