April 5th, 2012 / 8:57 am

Fuck You, A Magazine of the Arts

An amazing resource is now available via the Burroughs Archive: complete scans of Ed Sanders’s Fuck You, A Magazine of the Arts 1961-1965. I’m just now starting to peek into it…and wow!…its a crazy amalgam. Ginsberg, Warhol, Mary Mayo, Diane Wakoski, Artaud, the list goes on and on.


  1. Merzmensch

      Awesomeness! This is true thing. (even if there ain’t truth in this dimension)

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  3. Scott McClanahan

      Yes, Wow.   Thanks for posting this.

  4. Michael Lala

      Which one is Wakoski in?

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  6. Christopher Higgs

      She has something in Number 5, Volume 5.  But I haven’t looked at all of them, so she could also be elsewhere, too.

  7. Frank Lloyd Wong

      maybe i’m not freaky enough, but if i saw this shit today i would feel terrible for the people who thought it was a good idea. 

  8. reynard

      is vanilla yr favorite kind of malt

  9. Frank Lloyd Wong

      hey, don’t blame me, i voted for adlai stevenson

  10. reynard

      that’s no excuse, dennis cooper could be my dad

  11. Guest

      this summer on bravo…

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  13. Andy Nicholson

      Wow, this is huge. I’m struck by: 1.How uneven this legendary magazine is; and 2.How it’s intentional messiness fits in the context of other 60’s magazines on the site. (Fuck You’s slapdash construction vs. C Magazine’s artier covers vs. Locus Solus’ stodgy, “academic” covers.)

      I’m very excited to look through this thing.