April 30th, 2013 / 6:27 pm

fun camp blooper negation

Seven days ago HTMLGIANT received an anonymous review submission for Fun Camp by Gabe Durham. An anonymous review went live today around noon. However, the review had to be taken down today a little after five. Sometimes you get an email at 8:04 AM and then another at 8:08 AM and you just read the one from 8:04 AM and then that causes a blooper. This is perhaps irrelevant to the following:













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  1. Brooks Sterritt


  2. Don

      Why did it have to be taken down?

  3. shaun gannon


      what did u dooooooo

  4. Brooks Sterritt

      basically get ready for a GIANT CONTROVERSY

  5. Brooks Sterritt

      the author asked to have it taken down

  6. Brooks Sterritt

      who downvoted my comment. who would do such a thing

  7. Brooks Sterritt

      maybe i shouldn’t have said that

  8. lindafairstein

      so i heard twitter rumors this was going to blow up worse than the place-butler-higgs debacle

  9. Brooks Sterritt
  10. Adam Robinson

      The funny thing is that I was working on the book cover and Gabe sent me a link to the review and I liked it and snatched the last sentence and put it on the cover, and attributed it to HTMLGiant. Good thing we can’t decide on the cover or it would have been printed that way.

  11. A D Jameson

      That’s the last straw, I’m quitting this place.

  12. Gabe Durham

      Look I wasn’t gonna pop on here and stir things up but this review got removed for exactly one reason: Because I’m vocally against all the drone strikes in Pakistan.

  13. Mark Cugini

      I’m blaming everyone in this comment thread for my horrible breakfast.

  14. Gabe Durham

      It’s your ugly breakfast that got us into this, Cugini.

  15. deadgod

      The author of the review or the author of the book? Or each?

      Or he’s her mother and her sister?

  16. Mark Cugini

      damnit, Chobani.

  17. William VanDenBerg

      Should’ve stuck with cornflakes and blood.

  18. Jeremy Hopkins

      this place is a disco ball covered in mouths
      suckling light—the reflection of light
      which is itself light itself

      red cabbage soup—
      the pinks
      and purples
      and stars colluding
      but never colliding

  19. Brooks Sterritt

      the author of the review

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