October 30th, 2010 / 4:30 pm

Happy Holloween                 Kill Yr Idols

Who do you hate you used to love? For instance, I not into Tom Waits no more. Think he should have shanked Screamin’ Jay and moved the fuck on. Anyway. Tell about it.


  1. claybanes

      I warned you not to listen to any Howlin’ Wolf. Down by Law is still okay.

  2. Dotzen

      Nick Cave. I always thought that he was a pretentious wanker, then saw him play the headline spot at a Melbourne Big Day Out concert with a real thunderstorm as a backdrop. Realised it was just an act and changed my mind about him. After many years I’ve reverted to my original opinion, if he is really acting he’s not doing a very good job of it, if he’s not acting, well then, he’s just a pretentious wanker.

  3. Brian

      Richard Burton. used to love his Arabian Nights until I read Husain Haddawy’s, where you don’t have to suffer through impenetrably purple and bloated Victorian prose to extract the terrific stories.

  4. Jak Cardini

      I totally posted a video of Danzig getting knocked out that is not appearing. dang a lang.

  5. chris r

      I remember when that happened. It was by the singer of North Side Kings, a douchey “tough guy” hardcore band. I gotta give it to the dude though, he got Danzig’s ass for sure.

  6. Waller

      North Side Kings are horrible. They make Terror look like a bunch of cool, sophisticated doods. Cold-cocking Danzig brings them up a notch, I suppose.