April 2nd, 2012 / 5:33 pm

Hope you had fun at the circle jerk vomit competition, please don’t tell me about it

Here’s what I was preoccupied with while the city of Chicago suffered [last month].

1. Bonanno

“The ‘alternative’ ideal of a life based on the art of ‘getting by’ is also disappearing. Small-scale handicrafts, little self-produced undertakings, the street selling of objects, the necklaces… Infinite human tragedies have unrolled in dingy, airless shops over the past twenty years. Much really revolutionary strength has been trapped in illusions that required not a normal amount of work, but super-exploitation, all the greater because it was tied to the individual’s will to keep things going and show that it was possible to do without the factory. Now, with the restructuring of capital and the new conditions resulting from it, we can see how this ‘alternative’ model is exactly what is being suggested at an institutional level to get through this moment. As always, they see the way the wind is blowing. Other potentially revolutionary forces are now shutting themselves up in electronic laboratories and burdening themselves with work in dark, stuffy little premises, demonstrating that capital has won over them yet again.”
– Alfredo M. Bonanno, Let’s Destroy Work, Let’s Destroy the Economy ( available for free here )

2. Dulce Liquido

3. “Never cooperate with the police, EVER. Fuck the police.”

4. Nu Sensae

5. Tiwanaku

6. ‎”Under no circumstances shall the licensee allow any show, band, act, etc…to perform entertainment that can be classified as predominately Hip-Hop in nature; including musical and cultural genres and/or elements of Hip-Hop, such as rhythm and blues (R&B), go-go, funk, reggae and/or reggaeton, disco, dance hall, etc…”

7. “We must continue to write in order to resist the culture of genocide.” – Lisa Robertson


  1. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      8. Felt superior to other people


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      Damn, Bonanno has made it to htmlgiant.

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