May 24th, 2011 / 10:10 pm

I am drinking gin & wrote about 7 songs as they came up on random in my itunes while they played until they ended

“Slow Down” Snoop Dogg, Da Game is to Be Sold Not to be Told

I remember when this album came out like while I was in high school or right after I got out, a bunch of my friends liked Snoop and felt curious to find out what Snoop sounded like on No Limit having moved from Death Row after all that weird shit was going on. We went into a Media Play that since has closed and not been replaced as a business near where I hung out when I was in high school and shit, we took it out and immediately listened to it in my Jeep Cherokee in the parking lot without driving anywhere, we just sat there and like listened to the beginning of the tracks and I remember feeling more and more pissed off by each, how he had changed, there was all this UNHHHHH from Master P on it, and like on this song there was this weird production singing, it felt synthetic, I think we took it out after only really previewing each track and I never listened to it again, I might have returned the CD to Media Play like was so easy to do back then, even with severely used shit, I had a good scam system going where I could buy used and return for full store credit, I’m kind of digging this track right now though does that mean I got older or that I was stupid then or that I appreciate cheesiness in a different way or

“Trapped Under Ice” Metallica, Ride the Lightning

Damn I used to listen to this album on repeat after I finally was able to get a copy of it from one of my friends, I think I tried to buy it at Turtles once with a Turtles coin I got for my birthday but my mom saw the weird death penalty cover and looked at the song titles and probably asked the guy at the counter what was up with the CD and ended up deciding I wasn’t old enough to buy it yet, though she never really censored anything else I did she was careful about music at least until i was in high school or some shit though she didn’t stop me from getting it elsewhere, I think I bought C&C Music Factory instead that day which in retrospect seems more vulgar. Ride the Lightning is still a solid metal record, you can’t really fault a dude wearing a Ride the Lightning T or putting these songs on, I think I remember this album less than Master of Puppets or And Justice For All, I even liked the Black Album but pretty much after that I didn’t listen as much, this song is making me feel further away from the computer screen or maybe it’s because I’ve been sitting still for 7 minutes so far typing without taking a break. Seems like James Hetfield would be chill to hang out with but probably the other guys would be less chill and kind of interested in doing their own things

“Horse” Brian Eno, Small Craft on a Milk Sea

I downloaded this album the other day off of google blog search and I think previewed two of the tracks and it seemed okay but I didn’t really explore it much after that, I kind of prefer Eno’s pop albums though Music for Airports kind of got me through the first half of 2008. This sounds too much like it was influenced by Venetian Snares or something. It makes me want to go eat tacos but that might be unrelated to the music because I always want to do that. I don’t like the way the main background melody is reminding me of Egypt while the bassline reminds me of standing in a small room looking at vegetables. I wonder what Brian Eno does during the day, if he likes to go outside or if he’s mainly an inside kind of guy. I wonder if he ever still calls David Bowie or if they’re not cool. I like the name of this album better than this song. I need to check my email cuz my gmail tab says two new emails since I started writing this.

“2” Boredoms, Super Roots 6

Wondering if I should stop writing this and try to get up and go somewhere. I was laying on the floor earlier, I’ve been laying on the floor a lot and it kind of resets me better than other ways I used to reset myself like with music or getting something to eat. Boredoms is a good name for a band, I like this track less than their stuff that is like Vision Creation Newsun, though this is less weirdo punk that some of their other stuff. I wonder if I could play the saxophone ever if I really put my mind to it, seems like no. Americans mostly seem like they’ve done everything they’re going to do with music and now they’re just like busy getting ready to go out to dinner again. I keep starting to tweet “remember when people made music” for the past few weeks but each time I go to do it something stops me. My black leather sofa kind of looks buttered instead of covered in light is what I thought earlier when I looked up fast and when I just looked up now I remember that I thought that and so I’m typing it. Do you think the Boredoms get bored with making music or they always really have fun at practice. Practice was what finally made me quit my last band, some days you just can’t do anything but a band like Boredoms seems like they could just fuck around forever and enjoy it. It seems closer to writing in that way. Whoa there was just this doorbell noise in the song and the song changed, good idea. What would a textual doorbell be. Why does everything have to be related to books. The song seems like it is trying to hurt me while it ends cuz it’s all mixed weird

“Blind Concert” Goblin, Suspiria Soundtrack

This song is starting off reminding me of when I used to walk around my parents’ backyard when I was like 7 or 8 and like cry for no reason and sing to myself in these weird words I didn’t know what I was saying, like I was inventing bad feelings and reacting to them even though nothing had happened, I don’t know why I did that, now the sound is overlayed with that weird 70s porno beat that happens a lot, the bassline is kind of fucky, I feel like it shouldn’t have gotten into this part and I can’t remember how it works in the movie with the movie. I think I like the cheesy part more if I think about the title “Blind Concert” and think about it being a show that happened in the school that’s in the movie with all the weird hallways and rooms, like a weird prog fart band is playing somewhere in there while witches do shit. I haven’t hung out with my one Wiccan friend who I’ve known since I was like 18 in a long time, I think she’s still Wiccan, she was always really beautiful. Seems like guitars should have been upgraded by this point, why are people still playing guitars, how could there be anything else worth doing with a guitar by now. Guitar straps remind me of stupid underwear that is too big and has loose fabric parts around the areas

“Ldopa” Big Black, Songs About Fucking

Huh. He said he’s got a headache like a pillow. That seems like something worth having. I want to get a bunch of lollipops moist and stick them to my face. Big Black seems like they should still shop at Turtles somehow, in their leather jackets. Steve Albini probably goes to bed really early now. This reminds me of Guns n Roses for some reason right now. Probably because there’s a girl moaning-ish

“Methodist” 90 Day Men, Split EP with Gogogoairheart

Seems like this song has a bunch of needles stuck in it. I haven’t seen that pincushion that my mom has shaped like a tomato with all the pinheads in it in a long time. She used to have this glass case she kept all these thimbles and pincushions in cuz she collects them but that case is gone I just realized. Maybe she had to put it up because my dad moves and breaks or hides shit a lot without realizing what he’s doing now. I remembered being so obsessed with this band, a lot because of their music but also because they just seemed really cool and like I was in on a special thing, I miss feeling that about music even though it was egotistical and stupid, like I would get mad if people who hadn’t heard the music before me would talk about the music like they had known about it forever, how stupid is that, what makes people do that, what makes people stop doing that. This band is doing spoken word with two voices at the same time right now. I can’t believe that happened. I don’t remember this song by them as much as their other albums. They sucked when that guy started playing piano and writing all the songs. Every time I saw them they were really drunk. They are still doing spoken word. I think I don’t want tacos anymore. Suddenly feel like I want to brush my teeth. He said “I wanted to attend cocktail parties wearing only a machine gun.” Man I just remembered how cool I thought it was when he said that when I was like 23 or whatever. I can’t tell what I think anymore about it or music really

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  1. christian

      the last time i saw steve albini play, he was not wearing a leather jacket, but he was wearing a wolf t-shirt (the kind you get at wal-mart or flea markets) and dad jeans. unironically, i think. on the other hand, i know for sure he did not go to bed early, because it was all tomorrow’s parties (new york, 2008 i think) and that dude ran a poker game through the whole festival. seriously, there was not one time i went in there that i didn’t see him playing. 

  2. stephen

      enjoyable to read, cheers blake

  3. jesusangelgarcia

      That’s a motley mix, Blake. I haven’t listened to Boredoms in a while. There was a time… Ruins, Boredoms, Melt Banana. Live it was just as bent, and beautiful, once at least.

  4. Blake Butler

      haha wolf tshirt. yeah man that dude is serious poker freak, i think electrical has a private ring game on poker stars or something, i want to play in that

  5. aaron b

      >I’m kind of digging this track right now does that mean I got older or that I was stupid then or

      I was listening to… a Bill Simmons podcast?… the other day, and someone on it was talking about how, as most people get older, they end up liking a bunch of music from when they most liked music in general. Like, stuff you didn’t even like at the time, but now there’s a connection there or whatever. Kinda interesting. I don’t know. I’m not really down with the gin, but bourbon on a sunny Tuesday night is delic.

  6. RH
  7. RH
  8. Anonymous 

  9. M

      Someone who actually knows Steve Albini told me that he makes way more money playing online poker than he ever has with records.  Which is sort of difficult to believe in that I bet David Geffen gave him, I don’t know, a solid gold Steve Albini for making a Nirvana record, but maybe he plays the shit out of some poker.

  10. Tummler

      Couldn’t agree more about Snoop. Not everything that he’s put out since The Doggfather has been terrible, but he just isn’t the same nowadays. I would still buy his Tom-Tom GPS though.

  11. deadgod

      There’s a well-done article in the current New Yorker about Tyler the Creator, Odd Future, and, especially, Earl absconditus; it provoked me to look up Earl on youtube.  Musically boring, but very good raps – I don’t remember a Snoopy D flow that I thought was as interesting like dis an like dat an like dis yawl.

  12. M. Kitchell
  13. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Was Snoop Dogg ever on Ruff Ryders? Or was he just featured on the Ryde or Die comp? This has been bothering me for a while.

  14. shaun gannon

      I liked eno’s last album okay. i listen to a lot of his ambient stuff when working on papers or reading not-fun stuff, and Music for Films might be where he peaked in ambient music, or at least had the highest concentration of interesting, varying pieces. most importantly, Here Come the Warm Jets is where the real shit is at. 

  15. M. Kitchell

      yeah i write to black ambient and read to sun ra or tim hecker
      eno’s ambient is just kinda ehhhhhhhhh to me
      holy crap tho here come the warm jets/taking tiger mountain (by strategy) are th best

  16. Anonymous

  17. MFBomb

      I’m not sure, but I know I miss the old DMX.  So passionate and raw.  His lyrics were pretty basic and nothing special, but he brought it like Tupac and put everything into this songs. 

      Slippin’ is still one of my all-time favorite rap tracks.

  18. derechio

      Goblin has been the soundtrack of my life for the last few months. 

  19. Timothy Willis Sanders

      lol, snoop is in ‘snoop world’ 

  20. deadgod


  21. lorian long

      lol re ‘media play’ books, tshirts, posters, movies, cds. i stole a system of a down album from media play in 1998, felt like an asshole. metallica is still one of the best live shows i’ve been to, whatever. 

  22. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      i’m not familiar with any of these songs. and if i were to put my itunes on random, i probably wouldn’t be familiar with those first seven songs either. which gets me to thinking about how albums would smell. beck’s mellow gold was pickles and kicks cereal. pavement’s crooked rain crooked rain was patchouli. but i have no idea what a 16 horsepower album smells like. 

  23. Anonymous 

  24. Anonymous 

  25. douglas riggs

      I just remember the adverts on fm radio and local cable channels. The jingle was hilarious. Just the name drawn out “Mediaaaaaaaa Plaaaaaaaaa-EEEEE–yyeeeeeaaaahhhh, is fuuuuuunnnn!”

  26. Charles

      i’m thinking a 16 horsepower album would smell like hay and a barn and manure.  And a whole lot of rain, like sheets of rain.

  27. Theficstructor

      I like this post. Thank you.

  28. Anonymous

  29. Anonymous

  30. lorian long

      media play was like the pity fuck to best buy’s colossal high school gymnasium cock.

  31. lorian long

      is suncoast still around?

  32. TonyONeill

      Goblin, fucking hell. 

      I just ordered the Argento-cut of Dawn of the Dead for the simple reason it has Goblin all over the soundtrack.

      How do you take your gin?

  33. Casey McKinney

      Blake, I read the title of this piece on facebook and thought you had written 7 songs (about meaning “almost”), each during the duration of the songs mentioned. And was like damn! Anyway, dig the reviews and selections. I used to have a Big Black ‘Songs About Fucking’ sticker on the back of my first car…was crass for the anti-crass class… and had that album on vinyl, which I think now goes for over $20 new. Which makes me think, Mr. Albini, yes analog does sound better, and digital whatevers can suck your cock, but as petroleum prices go up, vinyl is getting more and more out of the stratosphere price wise. What to do? I guess keep stealing music, records too, though that’s a bit trickier…

  34. Casey McKinney

      been meaning to ask what the heck is up with Poker Stars and all? Are they coming back? Having been seized (, does that affect your poker writing?

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  39. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      i got my nose to the speakers as “american wheeze” plays. i’m trying to smell the family bible left out in that rain then dried in that barn. but i can’t. i just sneeze. and not because i smell chaff.
      i know there is a copy of _16 horsepower_ at the russell library next to wesleyan university. i’ll have to pay the cd section a visit the next time i’m in it too early to get like all nostalgic over cds? are we still on cassette tapes?

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